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News preview The Recovery Plan presented to the Chamber

The Recovery Plan presented to the Chamber

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Draghi presented his Recovery Plan to the Chamber: «We will have 248 billion. The fate of Italy is at stake "

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• In Puglia, a car in which three migrants were traveling was chased and attacked by rifle shots
• Russia expelled an Italian diplomat. It is the answer to the expulsion of two Russians from Italy in the case of the naval officer arrested for espionage
• There were another 301 deaths yesterday. The number of people admitted to intensive care is 2.849 (-13). The positivity rate goes up again and is at 5,8%. People vaccinated are 5.291.339 (8,87% of the population)
• The European Commission sued AstraZeneca for failing to comply with the vaccine delivery contract
• In Bassano del Grappa, in the province of Vicenza, an 18-year-old student died during his dad
• Also in Bassano, two cases of an Indian variant were found in two infected, father and daughter, Indians. In the province of Latina there is an outbreak among Sikh laborers
• The Nas carabinieri checked a thousand supermarkets in Italy and found traces of coronavirus on Pos and on trolleys
• Fourteen regions are in the yellow zone, bars, restaurants and cinemas are reopening. In Rome, Nanna Moretti stepped out of the Sacher cinema: «Come on, gentlemen! Come! ». The Fenice reopens in Venice
• Europe may soon reopen its borders to American tourists. In Melbourne 78 thousand people at the stadium. In Thailand, the prime minister was fined for having no mask
• The Italian missionary Christian Carlassare, the youngest bishop in the world, was injured in an ambush in South Sudan
• The Prosecutor's Office requests the filing of the driver of the truck that overwhelmed Alex Zanardi. The family is opposed
• The Football Association has approved the anti-Super League rule: those who join are out of the league
• Uefa opens an investigation into Ibrahimovic for a betting company of which he is co-owner
• Yesterday, in the postponement, Torino Napoli finished 0-2, Lazio Milan 3-0


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  • Tomorrow: Draghi appeals to parties not to waste 222 billion / But the reforms remain uncertain


Being nervous increases the risk of getting Parkinson's [Agi].

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