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Restless heart The relationship with God

The relationship with God

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The beginning of a new year is always an occasion for reflection. The need to celebrate the New Year in a more or less collective and noisy form has a cathartic value, as if one wanted to get rid of the waste of the old year to undertake the new year with purified impetus.

For me, the past years are enough to take stock and the question I ask myself is what my life would have been like if I had not said yes to the Lord, if I had not embraced Christianity with total dedication (except for a load of gaps and practical betrayals) ).

The question is: why is it not immediately clear that the life of a Christian is far happier than that of a person who ignores God?

I think it's easy to understand that life without God is unhappy. I remain at the mercy of myself, of my moods, of my selfishness. The sentence of Sant'Agostino remains as a symbol: "Our heart is restless until it rests in you".

The relationship with God
The relationship with God

Of course it can be objected that those who know how to love live a state of grace. Pope Benedict in Spe Salvi comes to write this sentence “When one in his life experiences a great love, he has had the experience of a great love that is a moment of redemption". The word redemption in Ratzinger's mouth has a clear value: an immediate and filial relationship with God. The conclusion is that whoever loves lets the strength of God work in him, whether he makes a profession of Christian faith or not. Saint Paul is so explicit that he goes so far as to say that faith without love is dead. However, the conclusion remains that those who remain at the mercy of themselves navigate in bad water.

Why then is the happiness of those who believe in God not always evident? A little girl, at the exit of a church where she had seen everyone serious, asked her mother: "Did they tell you that Jesus is risen?". Nietzsche for his part said: "I will believe in the Savior when I see Christians with the faces of the saved."

I believe it is necessary to overcome the idea that to adhere to the call of Jesus a generic yes is enough, I choose the Christian's tunic. The relationship with God is not a jacket, a club or a party. The relationship with God must be close. Tighter is better. Mystics are a beacon. Saint Catherine signing her letters with "Sweet Jesus, Jesus love". Saint Teresa of Avila entrepreneur of her order and poetess "Muero porque no muero ...". St. Francis who opens our heart in the Canticle of the Creatures.

This is my point of arrival and I will only get there if I let the grace of God operate in me without placing obstacles. A continuous spiritual food through the sacraments and prayer, avoiding the only thing I can do for myself: to put barriers between me and God.

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