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Today At the Capannelle in Rome the Rino Gaetano Day

At the Capannelle in Rome the Rino Gaetano Day

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To the Capannelle di Roma Rino Gaetano Day with the official cover band of Rino Gaetano, founded in 1999 by his sister, Anna Gaetano, and in which his nephew Alessandro plays and sings. On stage also Sergio Cammariere who recently discovered Rino's cousin.

Little by little
Rino Gaetano PhotoCredit wikitesti

Paolo Di Stefano on Corriere: «In retrospect, there is nothing more sadly prophetic than a song entitled My brother is an only child and written by a boy who will be the victim of a road accident a few years later. In fact, it has been said many times that the most disturbing omen, in the texts of Rino Gaetano, is delivered to The ballad of Renzo, which recounts the odyssey of a dying young man rejected by several Roman hospitals: “The very long road / went to San Camillo / and there they didn't want it for the timetable. / The dark road / went to San Giovanni / and there they didn't accept it for the strike ... ". Song of 1971 that anticipated by ten years the tragedy that would have lived the same Rino, 2 years old Calabrian cheerful, a little crazy and a bit rebellious, after the accident that occurred on the Nomentana on the night of June 1981, 3.55, at 343. While returning home in his Volvo 650, Rino was overwhelmed by a Fiat 37 truck that traveled in the opposite direction at the height of via Carlo Fea. The truck driver, Antonio Torres, aged XNUMX, said he saw the car frighteningly skid at high speed and crash into the side of the truck. So he told the news of the "Corriere" the following day: "Rescued by the traffic police officers of Settebagni, the singer-songwriter was brought in serious condition to the hospital". He would die at six in the morning. But like the song Renzo, Rino too had been rejected by several hospitals that were unable to accommodate a man with a broken skull. Il Messaggero specified that the ambulance (of the Fire Brigade) had requested hospitality from Gemelli, San Filippo Neri, San Giovanni, Cto della Garbatella, San Camillo. In vain. The Polyclinic, the last beach, was not equipped for neurosurgery, as admitted by the hospital's medical director. Fifteen days later, Rino was supposed to marry Amelia, his girlfriend from Fondi. "

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