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Natural Theater The rules at the table change country by country

The rules at the table change country by country

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Etiquette at the table, but also good manners, should be universal but this is not the case.

How do you explain TheFork, when you travel, you do not know the table manners of the various countries.

Here is a selection of the most interesting to remember and to pay attention to.

eat the right

In France

One of the things that most annoys French diners, at least the most loyal ones at table etiquette, is not keeping your hands clearly visible on the table. In general you should eat with your arms (but not your elbows) on the table without ever placing your hands on your lap. And if you are enjoying a delicious baguette during your meal, never place the bread on your plate but always on the side: in France the bread is used to help you eat and therefore like other cutlery it must be placed next to the plate.

In Spain

The Spaniards, as you know, are a rather relaxed people so their approach to labeling is never too rigid. However, avoid proposing lunches and dinners at too early times: usually you have lunch after 14 pm and you have dinner after 22 pm, trying to anticipate to adapt to our rhythms can embarrass someone. Always out of respect, meals must be consumed without rushing.

In South America

South America is a vast continent and made up of several countries, so it is difficult to find a unitary guide to table etiquette. Certainly every South American nation has its own peculiarities. In Chile, for example, it is forbidden to eat with your hands. In Argentina and Bolivia you must always pour the wine with your right hand and keeping the bottle at half height, never on the bottom. Certainly one thing you will not have to worry about is punctuality: it is tolerated to arrive 15-30 minutes late.

In Australia

In Australia it is not well seen to exchange fork and knife between the right and left hand during the meal: the fork remains in the left and the knife in the right. If you want to go to a gourmet restaurant you need to book (and don't cancel!), But if your destination is a casual place, don't be surprised if they make you sit at a shared table.

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