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The secret of simplicity

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Sometimes I get to know a person who strikes me for the simplicity and positivity with which he deals with human facts and situations. He is almost always a Christian. It is not partisanship to say so. Christianity simplifies the inner life and confers courage and clarity of judgment.

Some may say that he met clerical personalities who are not simple. But, without judging anyone, one must distinguish between those who have a real relationship with God from those who, sometimes for personal purposes, hang out in ecclesiastical circles. We all have preachers who express themselves in words that enrich and vibrate the soul. Concrete examples could be given. It is evident that the Holy Spirit makes himself recognized when he is there.

Lord why do I simplify myself when I am near you? Are all the complications canceled? Can I accept unpleasant situations with a light heart? Because You are the Only Necessary. The scene of Jesus with Martha and Mary continually comes back to me. Martha complains that Mary does not help her to prepare lunch and Jesus instead reproaches her because Mary has chosen the best part ... Perhaps that Mary, if she was alone, would have left fasting Jesus and his companions? No. He would have prepared, but in due course. When Jesus is there, one must listen. Doing something else deserves a rebuke because the "best part" must be recognized and valued. I am like a child who is distracted but, with patience, I have to "bring" to listen to Jesus, to dedicate time to Him.

Christ portrait of Titian from 1553 in the Prado Museum
Jesus Christ portrait of Titian from 1553 in the Prado Museum

An effective way to establish an easy and cordial relationship with Jesus is to confess often. Many see difficulties in confession because we talk about "sins" and I don't like to recognize myself as a sinner. In the episode cited, Martha commits a "sin" because she neglects Jesus. I think I must think of sin not as a transgression that will be taken up by a severe superior. The true sense of sin is given by the phrase that we often repeat: "what a pity!". What a pity that I thought of other things while Jesus spoke to me! What a pity to let my conscience of so many little remorse weigh down without going to embrace the Father in confession, like the prodigal son of the parable! What a pity to forget that the things that are close to my heart I have to entrust them to Jesus and feel comfortable! Jesus think about it. Here life is simplified, it becomes bright because I let God do it like a child who alone is unable to solve anything. Jesus said it: "Without me you cannot do anything" and instead I want to do good (what I believe is my good) alone, without Him.

This is the simplicity of the Christian. Knowing that you are a little, almost nothing, in front of my great Dad, the Our Father. It is no coincidence that sadness is the ally of the enemy. I'd say it's the stench. It sounds bad but it is: sadness is the stink of the devil. If I realize this, it is much easier to discover the diabolical plots. When I start to be sad: zac! Here the devil, the divider, is involved. When I am calm, despite the pain or the opposition, it means that I have in me the Spirit of the Lord, the Holy Spirit.

A sign that makes me understand if I am close to God is when I am happy for the good of another. If I have a movement of impatience or envy, I must immediately understand that the one who moves in me is selfishness. If I let myself be guided by Jesus I believe everything, I hope everything, I endure everything. It is Saint Paul who says so. I am not counting if they have treated me badly, I become patient and smiling, I am not considering what I have done well without receiving thanks, I have respect for others ...
How beautiful it is to live among true Christians ...

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