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Recommended The significance of Trump's acquittal for the Republican Party

The significance of Trump's acquittal for the Republican Party

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After the acquittal of former US President Donald Trump by 43 Republican senators from the accusation of inciting an insurrection against the United States government, one wonders: what will become of the Republican Party and how will the politicians and candidates in the future Republican politicians to submit to Trump's constant threats of retaliation?

Among the few truths that the former president has said, the most reliable is that, thanks to his 73,6 million votes, during the next primary he will rage against all Republicans who will go against him or have already gone against him. These are Republicans whom Trump calls RINO (Repubblicans In Name Only), or Republicans in name only. 

Primaries are elections among party members to choose a candidate and in which the most radical, vociferous and activist members usually participate (this happens in both parties, Democrat and Republican). 

It remains to be seen whether in the general election, moderate voters will accept the extremist candidates promoted by Trump or retreat to center-right or center-right Democrats.          

The verdict is yet to come. It could happen that Trump mainly sends candidates to state governments and Congress such as Georgia State Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a conspiracy extremist who follows QAnon (according to whom the California fires are caused by laser beams sent from space by Israel), and Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, who had supported Trump's call to illegally stop the ratification of Biden's victory in the Senate. Or it could also happen that the candidates of the former Lincoln Party are completely decimated in the various general elections as extremists. There could also be moderate Republicans who, in order to be re-elected, didn't break up with Trump or mend the former president (as did Republican congressman Kevin McCarthy, who had severely reprimanded him for not stopping the insurrection on the Capitol).

Let's now summarize the path that led Trump to his second impeachment (a process that has no criminal value, but only political value).

While many had called for Trump to be condemned, Senate Minority Leader Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell condemned Trump for instigating the insurgency but voted against impeachment.

The Speaker of the House, California Democrat Nancy Pelosi, criticized McConnell for refusing to call the Senate immediately to begin the second phase of the trial (the first phase is a formal indictment of the House, then moving on to a trial and judgment by the Senate), when Trump was still in office (and McConnell was leader of the majority), and that he then used this delay as a reason to acquit him.

The Republican leader, however, stressed that "the constitution clearly states that the unlawful acts of a president committed during his term can be prosecuted after he leaves the White House", thus leaving a door open to the various ongoing investigations.

The constitutionality of the impeachment had been clearly demonstrated by the nine "managers" of the House, including two constitutionalists, while for the defense, after the constitutionalists wanted by Trump refused the post, the former president turned to a civilian, a former district attorney and a claims attorney. 

House "managers" clearly demonstrated that last July, as soon as the polls gave him a loser, Trump began promoting the idea that the elections would be rigged or fraudulent, and first proposed postponing the elections. elections, then the exclusion of the ballots that would arrive by post, even going so far as to remove funds from the postal service to delay deliveries. At that time he also said he did not want to leave the White House due to the rigged elections.

All this without Trump offering proof. Once the election was lost, Trump took as many as 60 lawsuits in different states, up to the Supreme Court, to challenge the results (his own, not those of Republicans elected with the same ballot). Having failed in this attempt, he then threatened various state officials, and in particular the head of the state of Georgia, Republican Brad Raffensperger, to "find" the 11.780 votes that Trump needed to win in that state. 

Not having been successful, there was nothing left but to "stop the theft" (as promoted by its slogan "Stop the Steal") by any means on January 6, 2021, when the ballots of the great voters would arrive in the Senate to ratify Joe's victory Biden as president. Therefore from the week before Trump began to incite his followers with the slogans "March to save America" ​​and "Stop the theft", to have them then directed to the Capitol on that 6 January. If his vice president Mike Pence, as president of the Senate, would not have stopped ratification (which he did not do to obey the Constitution), his followers would have to “fight hard, show your strength on the Capitol. You will never take back the country if you are weak ”.

Trump watches the insurgency on television

The assault by 25.000 "Trump soldiers", the occupation of the Capitol by 500 militants, and the attempted coup began at 14:00 pm and were stopped at around 16:30 pm, when the National Guards, previously simply busy directing traffic, were redirected to evict the rowdy people who entered the Capitol after 60 policemen were injured and five people died. As Trump had occasion to say in the past, "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue [in New York City] and shoot someone and I wouldn't lose votes," so it happened during his second impeachment.

Vice President Pence being evacuated by the Secret Service before the insurgents enter the Senate room where Joe Biden's victory was about to be ratified. Shortly before, even knowing that Pence's life was at risk, Trump had tweeted that his deputy hadn't had the courage to do what he had to do and the insurrectionists started yelling: "hang Pence."

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