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Leafing through the New York Times State Democrats step up pressure on Cuomo because he ...

State Democrats increase pressure on Cuomo to leave

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State Democrats increase pressure on Cuomo to leave. The governor challenges them, while the Senate leader says he "must resign" over the charges. The powerful leader of the state Senate said yesterday that the governor must resign "for the good of the state". This lashing statement and others like it from parliamentarians suggest that Mario Cuomo has lost the support of his party's men to continue in office. Cuomo defends himself by saying that he was elected by the people, not by politicians, and that resigning would be undemocratic. The state parliament could at this point begin the impeachment procedure.


-  At $ 300 a month, the stimulus law leads to a revolution in childcare. Overshadowed elsewhere by Biden's $ 1,9 trillion bill just passed by the Senate, the benefit to children has the strength of a small revolution. Although expressed in bureaucratic terms as a tax credit, it is essentially a guaranteed income to families with children. The plan is for a year, but if it becomes permanent, as the Democrats want, it will greatly expand the safety net for the poor: according to the law, more than 93% of children - 69 million - will receive the benefit.

- The covid has infiltrated Alaska. Small or very small countries scattered in Alaska, they thought they remained immune from the infection. but they were affected just the same. But, despite all the transport difficulties, the vaccine is also arriving, via special planes, boats, dog sleds and snowmobiles, competing with the pace of infections, in a season when bad weather can limit the chances of travel. 

- I lost my sister, my brother, my father, my mother, my daughter, my son, my grandparents, my friends… ..Written in large letters in a white rectangle with this caption at the bottom: A third of Americans have lost someone to the coronavirus, with sudden, immeasurable pain. 

- The depth of pain in court life comes out clearly. A year after her wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle said in an interview that her life as a member of the royal family had become so bleak that she had contemplated suicide. He said, “I was ashamed to have to admit it to Harry. But I knew that if I didn't, I would commit suicide. I didn't want to be alive anymore ”.

- Problem in Floyd's murder trial: finding a just jury. A 14-page questionnaire recently arrived from the criminal court to residents of and around Minneapolis, potentially jury members, with the aim of finding out everything they knew about Floyd's death. The selection of jurors begins on Monday, made very difficult by the sensitivity of the subject made incendiary by the mass protests spread throughout the country.


- The Pope comforts a war-torn flock. The first Pope in history to visit Iraq, Francis expressed pain and hope for a small Christian community.

- A family seeks answers. When a perfectly healthy man died a year ago, an autopsy blamed a heart attack. But the family wants to know if it wasn't the coronavirus instead. 

- The gesture of a senator irritates progressives. Senator Kyrsten Sinema voted against raising the minimum wage, annoying fellow Democrats.

- Millionaires move with caution. Worried about the pandemic, thousands of "recent" young tech millionaires have decided to be careful with their money.

- Italy: finding its way through padlocks. Long article with two photographs by the writer Federico Moccia, whose love trilogy in Rome has, among other things, inspired the fashion of "love locks", which lovers close around handrails on bridges (very visible on the bridge Milvio in Rome and on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence).   

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