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News preview The Superlega is born, football has changed since tonight

The Superlega is born, football has changed since tonight

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Shortly after midnight, 12 clubs including Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Milan and Inter, announced that starting next year they will play their own tournament, the Super League. Uefa and the leagues of England, Spain and Italy are thinking of reprisals. A war has begun in the world of football

On the front page

• Near Bassano an Albanian bricklayer killed his wife with a hammer
• In Aosta, a 33-year-old Romanian woman was found dead in her apartment, half-naked and with her throat cut
• Near Pavia, a Russian dog breeder threw herself into a canal to save a puppy and died
• In the same hours in which Salvini was indicted for the Open Arms case, in Pozzallo the Coast Guard seized the ship of the NGO
• Another 251 deaths were recorded yesterday. The number of places occupied in intensive care continues to decline (-29). The positivity rate rose to 5,5% from 4,6% on Saturday. The people vaccinated (two doses) are 4.458.079 (7,47% of the population)
• Inail was forced to pay € 20 in compensation to a lady who fell down the stairs while she was in smart working
• Alexei Nalvalny could die in prison at any moment, her doctors say. Biden warns Putin: "If Nalvalny dies he will answer for it." The Czech Republic expels 18 Russian diplomats
• In Myanmar, over 23 people have been released
• Another boy beaten in Colleferro
• A No Tav was seriously injured in the eye by a tear gas canister thrown by policemen
• Luigi Covatta, a historic socialist leader and director of Mondoperaio, died at the age of 78
• Milan beat Genoa 2-1 thanks to an own goal by Scamacca. Atalanta beats Juventus 1-0 and overtakes them in the standings. Lazio overwhelms Benevento 5-2, Torino imposes a comeback on Roma and Bologna trims four at La Spezia. In the postponement, Napoli-Inter 1-1
• Verstappen wins in Imola. Hamilton makes a mistake but comes back up to second place, third Norris. At the foot of the podium, the two Ferraris
• From 2022 Formula 1 will race a Grand Prix in Miami
• In MotoGp Quartararo wins again, also in Portugal, Bagnaia second, then Mir and Morbidelli. Marc Márquez seventh, fall for Rossi
• Tennis, Tsitsipas liquidates Rublev with a dry 6-3 6-3 and wins the Monte Carlo master
• Mia Ceran, of Quelli che il calcio, announced she was pregnant on live television


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According to the BBC, based on the number of complaints received, coverage for Filippo's death is the event that viewers have complained about the most in the broadcaster's entire history [Il Post].

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