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Letter from The uphill road of the American Dems

The uphill road of the American Dems

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Between the republican rock and the radical hammer

Analyzing the new American political landscape, we come to the conclusion that, with the current president Joe Biden and the (narrow) majority of both the House and the Senate, the Dems (whose symbol is a donkey) have reached the pinnacle of power and now they are faced with an uphill road, which means that they could precipitate rapidly.

But to cause this fall will not be the Republicans (whose symbol is an elephant), but the Dem themselves intent on campaigning against themselves.

The right has been able to infiltrate the Dems (the so-called Fifth Column) to incite the most extremist representatives, those belonging to the "Politically Correct Police Force", which also includes the most extreme fringes of the Metoo and Blacklivesmatter movements. These are also focusing, for example, on the governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo. "The Republic" has defined this recent stance of the reactionary Dems as a "siege to the governor", noting that it is now the far left that dictates the rules of behavior and policies of the Dems, causing purges of moderate journalists and in publishing house catalogs.

For example, a reporter from The New York Times was fired for reporting a racist quote; an employee of the liberal Niskanen Center in Washington DC lost his job over a joke about the aired lynching of former Vice President Mike Pence; Native American associations want to tear down the statues of Christopher Columbus because they are considered offensive; six Dr. Seuss children's books published before the 60s were taken off the market because they contained racist images.

This tendency to ideologically cancel popular culture by hook or by crook (the so-called "Cancel Culture") is a huge problem for moderate politicians like President Joe Biden. A bigger problem than the huge federal deficit that is being created under Biden, but which will not be blamed on him by the Republicans.

In fact, although the Dems are always portrayed as spenders by Republicans, the latter have always spent more, with even Ronald Reagan (the president of fiscal discipline) who had increased the deficit by 142%, then George W. Bush with a 57%. By comparison, Democrat Bill Clinton had only increased it by 1%. Barack Obama, on the other hand, is among the Democratic presidents with high deficits (he increased it by 58%).

The real problem is that now 53% of white voters say that the DEM have gone too far to the left, so do 33% of Hispanics and 17% of the black electorate.

In terms of electoral results this represents a big problem for the Democratic party, in fact if the Republicans manage to get rid of populist-authoritarian candidates like the former president Donald Trump (whose base represents only 6% of the electorate), they will would ensure repeated wins with moderate candidates.

Analyzing the composition of the 2020 American electorate of 159,6 million voters, we note that 34% is made up of independents (54,3 million), 33% Democrats (52,6 million, of which 47% of socialist tendencies, i.e. 24,7 million) and 29% by republicans (46,3 million)

In numerical terms, the percentages turn into 56,4 million white voters (66,7% of 159 million), 6 million Hispanics (7%), and 13,3 million blacks (3,4%). ), who complain about the shift towards extreme leftist positions of the Dems. And already here there would be a block of 12,5 million voters who a priori would reject non-centrist candidates (all data and statistics are easily verifiable online).

There are two other considerations to make. The first is the ideological one which sees 37% of voters as conservatives, 35% moderate (and in these two categories there are both a percentage of Democrats and Republicans), and 24% who profess to be socialists.

The extreme left could therefore count on a compact block of 38 million votes mainly scattered in the progressive colleges of the two coasts, which would however be diluted among the remaining voters with preferences towards more moderate candidates.

And here we see that among the 59 million conservative voters (37%) there are 13 million independents, among the 38 million progressives there are 13.3 million independents, and among the 55,86 million moderates there are 27,9 million. independent.

The second consideration is that the Dems have lost the support of the blue-collar workers and now 57% of white workers, 36% of Hispanic workers, and 12% of black workers identify with the Republican party.

In numerical terms, although only 14% of workers are classified as blue-collar workers, this represents 21,8 million workers, most of whom have already moved to the Republican Party.

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