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Uncomfortable diary The whole country in the smell of mafia, and we blame ...

The whole country smelling like mafia, and we blame politics

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Three thousand carabinieri employed in the blitz in 11 regions of Italy, from Lombardy to Sicily, 416 suspects, 342 arrests. It is the cross-section of a criminal country. All sectors of society are involved: professionals, entrepreneurs, well-known personalities, civil servants, even an officer of the weapon. Parliament, usually a mirror of the country, is better than the one who votes for it. Justice no longer scares anyone. It is no longer the poor who steal and kill, but those who are already privileged. We are all criminals by vocation. Government thief? Unfortunately, we are going towards the abyss because the voters themselves are stealing.


When a bank is on the verge of bankruptcy, the state is right to intervene

Savers should be compensated. But not everyone is entitled to it. There are those who managed to put aside a nest egg for old age, € 10/12 thousand. But there is also - and they are the majority - who has deposits for thousands and even millions of euros. They are the tax evaders who accumulate money from unpaid taxes, those who launder dirty money and the figureheads. So, above certain amounts, everyone will have to demonstrate how he or she has the money paid. Bankruptcy is helpful in detecting and jailing dishonest officials who have granted loans without collateral.

Only spontaneous movements can be so successful

When we don't like an initiative, we insinuate that someone is behind it. Most of the time Jewish bankers or powerful financial lobbies. Who would have thought that the strong powers would be converted to good. What stupid old marpioni! Having become better for some time, they have not noticed that they are promoting operations of social utility. Like the defense of the environment led by Greta, now the Sardines that give a voice to citizens of any ideology. Until now, there was no right to reply to the politicians' crap. But how do they manage to involve millions of young people around the world?

In general degradation it is normal for the flag carrier to collapse as well

We should be surprised if Alitalia was in good health. It seems that the administrators did it on purpose to send the company to pieces. It would be all better if the members of the BoD occasionally made a trip on board their plane to any destination. Example. Rome-Washington is empty, while those of the other companies are full. On the eve of departure, when reservations are still few, rather than decreasing the price - but smart! - they increase it from 700 € AR to 950. The surplus staff, there is no shortage of cheating, who knows how many get rich.

"Silence that monkey"

In fact, it was a Nigerian woman. In Valtellina people find them similar to those animals, who do not despair at seeing their offspring die. That's why amazement. Everyone in the waiting room of the Sondrio hospital was annoyed by the crying of the woman. She was a 22-year-old mother holding the five-month-old daughter's cadaver. A pain considered exaggerated, "they churn out one a year". Maybe those screams are a satanic ritual of his tribe. So there can be no tolerance or pity. Strange that doctors are more human. Maybe I'm not from those parts.

Ten years ago I asked the Italian Catholics: "Was Jesus right or left?"

It is the title of a book that I wrote when the political debate began to become acrimonious. Without foreseeing the wickedness and hatred that would then be released, I did not even think of a coloring of the son of God that should not even look like. For our culture, we depict him as light-skinned and blond-haired. However, being Palestinian, he could not be, as you imagine, an ethereal character. Jesus was born in a Middle Eastern country where men and women necessarily have a darker complexion. So it is not blasphemous who puts a black child in the crib.

Are there still equal opportunities or have they abolished them to spite the corrupt?

Perhaps the prosecutor of Catanzaro exaggerates in asking politicians to have dignity and not prostitute themselves to the mafias. It is not an easy project. First of all because dignity, even if by now depreciated, is the only currency of exchange for those who do not possess other qualities. And then, prostitution is an activity that many women resort to. So it is fair and equitable that even some men are allowed. Since there is no enticement, they respect the law. In fact, in the case of politicians they are the ones who are lured, even if, in truth, they do not offer resistance. This time Gratteri said it big.

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