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Network The worst time to return sober.

The worst time to return sober.

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Come to think of it, COVID-19 couldn't have come at a worse time for citizens of almost the entire world. Obviously there is not a good time for a pandemic, but before quitting drinking, one would expect such an epidemic to be faced by true leaders. The world, on the other hand, finds itself fighting on three fronts: that of health, that of the economy and that of bad leadership. Particularly unfortunate are countries such as Italy, the USA, the Philippines, Brazil, France, Russia, China, and Venezuela, to name a few. 

Starting with'Italy, the misfortune was to find a 5Stelle government - an excellent opposition party (reason for their victory) - which proved incompetent to administer the country and unprepared to face the pandemic. Just think of the scarcity of masks right at the crucial moment of the infection, with their allies in the government who even ordered (and paid for) the masks for the Lazio Region from a light bulb distributor, without ever receiving them. Now the Italian government releases 376 Mafia leaders from prisons; similarly, the president of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi releases 4.000 criminals from his prisons, but not the political prisoners, who sometimes lose their skin; as in the case of 24-year-old Shady Habash, who has been in prison for two years without trial for a music video that mocked el-Sisi (who is also a close friend of the US president, Donald Trump).

- Use with Trump they found themselves in front of an announced danger, with a government characterized by a mix of incompetence, inexperience, inability, inadequacy, superficiality and nepotism. It should be remembered that Trump was voted by a minority of voters (exactly 2.869 million fewer voters than Hillary Clinton), but also the French President Emmanuel Macron was elected by less than half of the citizens entitled to vote and is now hated by the majority of voters and also by the 58 deputies who left his party. 


In Europe then, we find the Germanywho has been as good at building the EU as trying to destroy it; and Great Britain (or rather, England), which must navigate Brexit, the collapse of the Union and the coronavirus emergency, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson who wished for flock immunity and now finds himself with 32.000 deaths and one collapsing economy. 

Moving on to China, President Xi Jinping (we should write Jinping Xi, given that Xi is the surname) refuses to apologize to the whole world for having first created and then covered up the risk of the pandemic; and the countries that now criticize the work of his government receive war threats.

What about the poor Brazil with President Jair Bolsonaro, who sets the Amazon on fire, facilitates the spread of the virus, and is also investigated for corruption, while the population sings "he does not [as president]". 

even the Vatican it is not without problems, with its two Popes; instead the Venezuela it has two presidents: Nicolás Maduro, backed by Russia, China, Iran, Turkey and Cuba, and Juan Guaidò, backed by the USA, Canada, Europe and most of Latin America. Maduro is also there thanks to the support of his Cuban personal guards and Venezuelan generals involved in drug trafficking, who would be arrested in the event of a complete regime change. Always in Latin america, it is widely believed that Cristina de Kirchner, again to the Argentine government, has transformed the country's democracy into a cleptocracy. The MexicoInstead, with Andrés Manuel López Obrador finds himself with an incompetent president on several levels. In Chile the work of billionaire president Sebastián Piñera is approved only by 6% of Chilean citizens. With Piñera in command, Chile suffered violent protests that caused 30 deaths.

In Turkey there is a new sultan: Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who did not hesitate to stage a coup d'état to arrest 77.000 people, purge the armed forces and destroy the country's economy. The new tsar of the Russia Vladimir Putin, in the process of proclaiming himself president for life, managed to make Russia become an enemy country of almost the whole world, had sanctions imposed, reduced the Russians on the pavement, had poisoned or arrested political opponents and it interfered with the political elections of many nations. 

in Philippines by Rodrigo Duterte have returned to the era of Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda, with almost as many deaths (some killed by him personally) and the end of freedom of the press, see the closure of the state TV network Abs-Cbn, accused of being critical in his comparisons. We will return at another time to the accusations of corruption of the Israeli premier, every other day, Benjamin Netanyahu. Due to the limited space and patience of the readers it is better to stop here. 

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