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Sunday 9 May 2021

Then I do it

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di Simona La Porta

We have reached the fifty-third day of quarantine, and one of the most frequent questions we ask ourselves is when it will end.
We dedicated ourselves to studying, reading, cooking, we experimented with new recipes, trained our body and we dedicated ourselves to its care, in short, we had the opportunity to do things that before the numerous commitments did not allow us to do!

We slowly got used to this "restricted daily life" and so we saw two months go by without even realizing it, but fortunately, thanks to the arrival of spring and the beautiful days, we are having the opportunity to spend some of our time outside on balconies and terraces and this makes us feel more free!

Many times, in the early afternoon I rummage through the cell phone gallery and I pause to look with nostalgia at the photos, both the oldest and the most recent ones when this situation was unthinkable. So my mind goes back to those dates, I try to relive those moments, and I think about how superficial we were, how much a "boring" school day, an outing with friends, a dance lesson skipped out of boredom could be so special and precious! I miss everything, I miss having to wake up at 6:30 in the morning, I miss missing the bus, I miss having to run away to dance immediately after leaving school, I miss going home tired, I miss my EVERYDAY!
Then I think about what I want to do as soon as we are free.

I do not have something in particular to want to do before others, I would simply like to learn to value the most obvious and also the most annoying things, I would like to stop postponing a walk with friends for tiredness or boredom or a visit to relatives, but above all I won't say "yes then I will ..."

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