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Tuesday 18 May 2021

News preview Those of #ioApro continue to demonstrate

Those of #ioApro continue to demonstrate

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Those of #ioApro continue to demonstrate, some restaurateurs blocked the A1 in Orte, Daniele De Rossi left Spallanzani, Sammy Basso got vaccinated, Mick Jagger wrote a song about the lockdown.

Yesterday the deaths were 476. The positivity rate drops to 4,4%, the number of hospitalized in intensive care decreases (-67). People vaccinated (two doses) are 4.018.236 (6,74% of the population)
In Germany, the pace of vaccinations slows down and Angela Merkel imposes a new lockdown. The Austrian health minister resigns, tried by too much work due to the pandemic. Extraordinary measures for Ramadan in Mecca

On the front page

• The United States blocks the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Postpone deliveries to Europe
• The Minister of Economic Development Giorgetti says that in May the economic activities now stopped will reopen
• European football matches in Rome will be played. Draghi intervened after the interference of Turkey
• Biden increases the number of US troops in Germany and is ready to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by 11 September
• Racial tensions are re-erupting in America
• Iran will enrich uranium to 60 percent, a level never reached before. The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister said so
• Japan will pour contaminated Fukushima water into the sea. Protest China and South Korea
• Chinese dissident Joshua Wong is jailed for another 4 months
• In Peru, the elementary teacher Castillo is the most voted in the first round of the presidential elections. In the ballot he will challenge the daughter of Alberto Fujimori
• Alessandra Galloni will be the first woman to lead the Reuters news agency
• Roberto Formigoni will get his life back as a member of parliament even if he is under house arrest
• Actor Macaulay Culkin had a son: he decided to name him Dakota, after his sister who died in an accident in 2008
• Champions League, PSG and Chelsea in the semifinals
• Gasperini risks 20 days of disqualification


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In the Fatima mosque in Paris, a female imam [Paci, Sta] leads the prayer.

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