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News and curiosities from the world Twitter flies away from former US President Donald Trump forever

Twitter flies away from former US President Donald Trump forever

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Press review from 4 to 10 January 2021

For the risk of "incitement to violence", Twitter decides to permanently suspend Donald Trump's account. Of course the former president's wrath resonates in the White House through a press release:
"I had expected it. By suspending my account they want to silence me, they want to silence the voices of 75 million great patriots who voted for me. They will never silence us. We are dealing with various other sites and will have a big announcement shortly, in the meantime we are considering the idea of ​​building a new platform".
He adds Trump to his supporters.

The suspension decision strongly irritates his son Donald Jr, who tries to appeal to freedom of speech "dead with big tech".

Twitter has decided to take responsibility after such a choice, exposing itself to a lot of criticism, but always avoiding aiding and abetting violence.

In a filed note, Twitter explained that further plans for future protests had already taken hold on the platform, including the hypothesis of a second attack on Congress on January 17, shortly before Joe Biden's inauguration in the White House.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said goodbye to social networks, leaving the Twitter and Facebook platforms forever. The hatred that has been found within these platforms has disappointed the two spouses so much, pushing them to such a gesture, as the Sunday Times notes.

The two "have no intention" of using social media for their new Archewell Foundation and that a return to the platforms in a personal capacity is "very unlikely", as a person close to the couple tells the weekly.


The Sriwijaya Company's Boeing 737 crashed immediately after take off from Jakarta 62 people on board: 2 pilots, 4 crew members and 56 passengers, including 3 infants and 7 children.

The black boxes were located at sea by the Jakarta authorities.

From the recordings of the conversations in the cockpit, the technicians hope to find the explanation for this terrible accident that cost the lives of 62 people in an incredible dive just 4 minutes after take-off from Jakarta.

"We have identified the location of both black boxesSaid Soerjanto Tjahjanto, head of the Indonesian transport safety agency. "The divers will start looking for them now and hopefully it won't be long before we find them".

Remains and debris were found off the coast of Jakarta, and the Indonesian search and rescue agency reported that it had so far filled five body bags with human remains and debris from the crash site in the Java Sea.

"This morning we found objects belonging to passengers and parts of corpses"Police spokesman Yusri Yunus said adding that"identification is being worked on".


Afghan officials reported that an Afghan journalist, spokesman for the country's Public Protection Forces (NPPF), Zia Wadan, along with two colleagues was killed in Kabul by a bomb that targeted their vehicle.

One of the many targeted killings. Aunt Wadan, like many other journalists, politicians, activists had been caught, despite the promises of peace between the government and the Taliban.

A death in full light, in the early hours of the capital's morning traffic.

"The peak of violence by the Taliban is against the commitment to peace and indicates that the group still pursues its hawkish stance in taking innocent lives and damaging public facilitiesThe presidential palace said on Twitter, citing Ghani.


Infections continue to rise, according to WHO data, the United States is the nation with the highest number of victims and infections since the beginning of the pandemic. Brazil and the United Kingdom follow.

  • In the USA, since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data updated on 10 January by Johns Hopkins University, there have been 22.137.929 cases and 372.508 victims
  • In second place in the WHO list is Brazil with 87.843 daily cases.
  • In third place is the United Kingdom, with 68.053 cases in 24 hours.
  • Returning to Europe, Germany ranks fourth with 24.694 cases in 24 hours. In total in Germany since the beginning of the health emergency there are 1.928.462 cases and 40.597 victims.
  • Russia follows, with 23.309 cases in 24 hours.
  • South Africa then follows with 21.980 cases per day.
  • In seventh place is France, with 19.408 cases per day.
  • Colombia follows with 17.576 cases in 24 hours.
  • In ninth place on the WHO list we find Italy, with 17.529 cases per day. In our country there were a total of 2.257.866 cases and 78.394 victims.
  • In tenth place Argentina with 13.835 cases per day. In total, there have been 1.714.409 cases and 44.417 deaths in Argentina since March.

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