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Leafing through the New York Times Two companies share vaccine plans.

Two companies share vaccine plans.

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Two companies share vaccine plans. Moderna and Pfizer try to allay the fears of the public. They revealed details about how the participants (30.000 for Moderna and 44.000 for Pfizer) are screened and monitored, how the experiments can be stopped if they present any problems, and what evidence they will use to make sure the vaccine works. Normally, companies make these documents public after studies are completed, but in this case they did it first to reassure the public, worried that Trump's pressures to get the vaccine before the election lead to an unsafe product.

-      Trump has a "big" health plan, but he still doesn't say what it is. During the 2016 election campaign, he promised that he would put in place "a grand health plan" to replace Obama's. Once elected, he swore he had "a magnificent plan that will become effective very soon". And a few days ago, interviewed by a journalist suffering from a congenital disease, he said: “we will make a very strong plan to protect citizens with pre-existing disease conditions. I've got it ready and it's a much better plan for you ”. After four years and in the midst of the worst health crisis of the century, there is nothing on the horizon either. Broken promises, thrown there without any foundation, are a Trump constant.

-      New Jersey adds a millionaire tax to alleviate the crisis. The New Jersey government approved a millionaire tax, escalating a national debate on financial inequalities. The tax will be 2% for those who earn more than 1 million a year and also provides a refund of $ 500 for those who earn less than 150.000 a year.

-      Even in the midst of the crisis, Trump only sees Red (the color of the republicans) and Blue (the color of the democrats). Speaking of the number of deaths and sickness from covid, he said verbatim: “If you take away the blue states we are at a level that you would not think possible for any state in the world. We are really at a very low level ”. The comment is so absurd, with no real basis, that it reveals once again that we don't have a president of the United States of America but a president of Red America. On the epidemic, immigration, crime, violence and other problems, Trump regularly divides the country between the side that supports him and the one that does not, rewarding the former and trying to damage the latter.

-      Latent risk in the wild sierra. The Sierra Nevada, long last base before the jump to the gold rush, is in flames. Many of the towns that attracted "weirdos" such as gold miners, building speculators, lumberjacks, railroad builders, loners and, today, entrepreneurs in the marijuana business (the so-called "green rush"), are in ashes. Perhaps the fires are not only burning homes and countryside, but also killing a type of life.


-      The city postpones the opening of schools in the classrooms. Students will return to New York City public schools in shifts, beginning next week with kindergarten.

-      The FBI warns of the Russian threat. The FBI director has warned a parliamentary committee that Russia is actively pursuing a disinformation campaign.

-       They were eager to vote until the money got in the way. A Florida referendum gave ex-inmates the right to vote, but a court ruled that the state must first make them pay what they owe for their crimes.

-      Hospital prices out of control. A new study shows that hospitals charge private insurance companies more than double what they take from public insurance (Medicare) for the same case.

-      The United States pushes for an arms deal in Taiwan. The proposed sale comes as Trump's strategists attempt to portray him as tough on China.

-      Biden's message to England. Biden has declared his opposition to a trade agreement with Europe that could jeopardize the peace agreement with Ireland.  

-      The secrets of a quick test. Some companies have found ways to get their employees tested quickly, but cost remains an issue.

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