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Network Two out of three Italians do not give up extra virgin olive oil

Two out of three Italians do not give up extra virgin olive oil

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Extra virgin olive oil is one of the ingredients of daily nutrition that 64% of Italians would never give up, followed by seasonal vegetables (53%) and coffee (18%). This is one of the data that emerged from UniSalute's Prevention and Health Observatory and from the survey conducted by Nomisma, the results of which were presented in Milan during the #VivereInSalute event. The research, conducted on a sample of 1000 people, focused on eating habits, physical activity, lifestyles and prevention. As for the table, it has been seen that Italians consider food as something that gives pleasure and happiness (68%), a time to be together (49%), an expression of Italian and regional culture (20%) and 30% a way to stay healthy. “This is a new concept, the latter very important - notes Silvia Zucconi, Nomisma's Market intelligence manager - which needs to be developed. Also because among the risk factors and causes of death 34% is represented by behaviors, of which 16% is occupied precisely by food studies ". Overall, the Italians are promoted at the table, even if there is no lack of room for improvement. The Mediterranean diet dominates, and 70% eat fruit and vegetables once a day, followed by bread, pasta, rice and potatoes (23%), while fish are scarce (46% do not eat it). never). Among the essential dishes in the first place there is pizza (65%), followed by desserts (11%) and sandwiches (10%), while among the types of cuisine we are decidedly nationalistic: 91% prefer the Italian regional one, against 5% of those who are vegetarian or vegan and 3% who prefer the oriental one. Poor nutrition is however at the top of Italian concerns, mainly due to overweight and obesity (considering the main risks of a wrong diet by 32%), the appearance of tumors (20%), cholesterol (16%) and the effects negative on circulation and cardiovascular diseases (15%). All signs that indicate that there is a strong awareness of the link between eating habits and health.

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