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News preview Two questions to Nicola Zingaretti new PD Secretary

Two questions to Nicola Zingaretti new PD Secretary

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She is reserved, not very social. Will it continue to be so?

«I defend with my nails the beauty of shopping at the supermarket, of having lunch with my family on the beach of Maccarese even if there are fifteen paparazzi around. Being a normal person is not a bad thing. If you get on the airship, you are not useful to those who remained below. "

nicola zingaretti
Nicola Zingaretti

Until yesterday she was the brother of Commissioner Montalbano. From today Montalbano is the brother of the leader of the Democratic Party?

«Let's not joke. He makes 12 million viewers! We will talk about it again when the Democratic Party takes 12 million votes »[Nicola Zingaretti to Andrea Rossi and Giuseppe Salvaggiulo, Sta].

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