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Friday 18 June 2021

Uncomfortable diary

Uncomfortable Diary is Moondo's column edited by Roberto Tumbarello. A space that can sometimes appear right-wing or left-wing or populist, but has no coloring, nor does it seek consensus. It only wants to induce the reader to reflect, as all free men should do. What I propose are reflections addressed above all to intellectuals, artists, professionals, the productive class and probe people to reflect on their role as guide of the society to which they have abdicated. Who out of ambition or longing for money, who simply out of indolence or because ill-advised, have all joined the mass of beggars who support power and beg for its crumbs. We have been going from bad to worse since the middle class has dissolved, leaving the country without example or culture, and not even conscience. The bourgeoisie must regain the prerogatives that are natural to it to restore dignity and rights to poor people.