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Uncomfortable diary Uncomfortable reflections on the news

Uncomfortable reflections on the news

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New generations grow with love

Bad bitch (and more), isn't it better to prostitute you than to be the referee This is the wise advice - however, much more colorful - that the parents of the very young players of Treporti, in Mestre, have given to Giulia Nicastro, a 22-year-old professional with about forty games behind her. Encouraged by the insults of so many fathers and mothers, a fourteen-year-old took the elegant initiative of pulling down his shorts to show off his skills. Expelled, he left the field with applause, rather than slaps. Growing up he will blame Anne Frank, then with politicians who do not know how to govern.

Dear Minister, after such an electoral success, please help us to resurrect

Its predecessors mistakenly believed that ruling an ignorant people was easier. And it is over that we are the last. If it depended only on the economy, the solution would be easy. It is our fault that we have no morals or discipline. Now they expect her to let them act as they have always been allowed to do. Take care of education and culture. And you will see that Italy starts again immediately. Surround yourself with proba people. Beat speculators in jail. Too permissive laws attract the scum of the world. The clinking of handcuffs is not a harmful sound if to protect citizens.

When there was loyalty, if the opponent fell, the quarrel ended

Why have Italians become so cowardly? We got used to violence against women. But the escalation does not stop. Yesterday we were surprised by the young men who kicked a poor disabled man. Today children are beaten to death when they annoy them because they cry. Is it possible for a 29-year-old student to participate in Erasmus? You don't have to be up to date with the exams? When they argue, the students do not kick the opponent on the ground in the head. If the school is reduced like this, let's close it. Monsters stay home. Schengen must be allowed only to the most civilized.

Here's who should enforce the law and maybe lead by example

There is no provision in any article of the penal code because there is no such thing as the cruel and vulgar violence of 2 policemen against a disabled elderly person. In fact, it is likely that they will be acquitted, without even a penalty. Other than prison or house arrest. They would deserve corporal punishment. After disassembling the bike and hiding a wheel, they film and put the poor man's exasperation on the net. The macabre joke is interrupted only when the mocked man threatens to commit suicide. Only then are they happy. This is certainly not Italy today, but a fairly significant segment.

If Sicily became the state of love and Marsala the capital?

It would be the cultural revolution that probe people hope for. In Western society, on the other hand, there is a desire for visibility and sex for money. While feelings are upset, Elio Licari, a new Don Quixote, attempts an unlikely crusade and launches a national competition that intends to reward the most beautiful love letters. Unfortunately they haven't written about it for a long time. Perhaps it is precisely because of the lack of tenderness and romance that we are unable to solve economic and social problems. It has been since it is no longer fashionable to say "I love you". Yet it is the most beautiful expression in any language in the world.

But is it really the fault of politics or the voters?

When I hear of certain episodes unthinkable until a few years ago, I wonder if they happen elsewhere or we have the exclusive right. For example, the case of hospital staff beaten by patients' family members is increasingly frequent. Buses stoned in the suburbs, so much so that, in certain routes, many drivers give themselves sick, with serious disservice for all. In which countries do pupils and parents attack teachers for a bad grade? Have we really become the most uncivilized in the world? Perhaps in other countries, more vigilance and exemplary penalties deter bullies from bullying the weak.

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