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The pleasure of the senses Versailles is an anagram

Versailles is an anagram

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Giovanni Pozzi in his volume The painted word (Adelphi, 1981) argues that in Italy the real anagram appeared together with the numerous poems that celebrated the erection of the Vatican obelisk. Also according to Pozzi, it was imported by a Provençal who settled in Rome, Guglielmo Blanc who, in his Epigrammata in obeliscum (Oma, 1586), including a choice of anagrams accompanied even by a small treatise on the subject, almost aimed at encouraging Italians to try their hand at this amusing pastime:

"... having had the opportunity to name the anagram, I could not help being amazed to see how something very ancient by birth, admirable for artifice, lovable for grace, frequent among us [in France], was here [in Italy], held in little account, even ignored, not by the common people or by the poorly educated, but also by the learned ».

And indeed in France there had been a fortunate flowering of the anagram, mainly thanks to the poet Jean Dorat. At the time of Louis XIII it is known that there was even a “royal anagramist” and the lawyer Louis Billo was such that he worked very hard anagram the name of the king; who even seems to have decided to build the residence of VERSAILLES only because the name of that area, then wild, could almost exactly be anagram of VILLE Sera.

Blanc's implicit exhortation was certainly picked up very well in Italy, where we soon found ourselves in front of very successful examples that followed the new formula of the anagram set in the epigram, on the type of the most well-known and already mentioned one by the Florentine poet Giovan Battista Fagiuoli (1660-1742):

Who made that pure and straightforward anagram
and that from 'wife' he got 'I tie myself
he was more than a very wise subject!

Today the anagram, as well as providing possible pretext schemes for puzzle games, as is the case with these combinations

youth jokes = the traffic cop
the death penalty = copper pot
demonic city = nightgown
sofa and armchair = pink slippers
embroidered waist = chronic disease

as we have seen, he frequently addresses the political world and sometimes even with amusing or even disconcerting results when examples are cited

Christian Democracy = Camorra company
Italian Communist Party = compact in solitary unit

all with sentences with a continuous sense, in which the second part is an anagram of the first and related to it, as well as these others:

Giulio Andreotti an icy Totò Riina

Antonio Bassolino dare, it is not in oblivion!
Silvio Berlusconi the only manly boss
Fausto Bertinottti got ugly
Rocco Buttiglione a bigoted cleric
Pier Ferdinando Casini quietly deprecates Fini
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi magical, sprightly, like
Massimo d'Alema mom, if it's money!
Ciriaco De Mita 'ai, how he betrayed us!
Pietro Ingrao works intrigue
Pietro Nenni it's not Pertini!

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