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The pleasure of the senses Really special palindromes

Really special palindromes

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Again on the subject of palindromes, a surprising performance is certainly that of Georges Perec, author of a story of over five thousand characters. The absolute record, however, belongs to Dario Lancini, who crossed that limit with a comedy entitled Oir to Darío (also naturally palindrome). The play was released in 1975 in Caracas (Monte Avila Editores). In it the author has arranged a whole play theatrical titled Ubu rey, in which a series of characters such as King Lear, Adonis, Oedipus, Cleopatra, Hamlet, Nero, Ulysses etc. intervene in a fantastic form. Here, however, Ruggero Campagnoli has managed to compose six entirely palindromic sonnets that respect the metric and even the rhymes, while Giuseppe Varaldo holds the Italian record. After a first text entitled Penelope (1.041 letters), Varaldo reached 4.587 with his story July 11 1982 dedicated to the victory of the Italian national football team at the 1982 “World Cup” in Madrid, which we want to report here in full. The text is entirely legible in both senses: with its 4587 letters it probably constitutes the longest palindrome in the Italian language.

On the sides, to debut, queen and king, Pertini anxious, throws happy snotches, talks - little voice, pipe… -, resorts to jokes. It lasted!… Trap suffered from it: he trains - praised just now - Juvitalia, never loved. The roar erupted on yarn, a mere act of anger: overwhelm gai palates, swallow the arena! We laughed: the blue race - happiness, goals - and rich! Nor will I silence poses, anger, quick myths; I will mention fears ... but they deserve gold. Are there any rare shots? Be! But the Latin heroes enjoyed rigor - there is a foul -; "Fatal to make such a network": lax prosopopoeia in the paeans gives easy air. But "fatal" malaise dilates globes, kidney, veins necrotizes us: rat, vague, from finir al cor (will he forget it? From the idea - Erinni! - will tremble: tick and tock…)… salient Lapsus (hydra! syllable!): I didn't love Cabrini; acrid flow - was pus? sweat? -, jaundice bile assailed us: brutal laughter, bitter ichor ... Italo flower, my dear, dry, aliderà withered there, if only - at new direct foci, physical - in half recede: the italian idea of , known, hilarious miti!) will pass, inert and vain, in Italian lisa, banal. Dull relative anger, run: you will have eternal honors! Hisses - three "fi" - referee: finished there half of the game; bring them the spirit of struggle, trustworthy recovery! aim, beer laughs! quiet ire, bile! Catalonia was said to be "ethereal": I will keep such fabulous hours on par ... Soft night, like a king! Poets deceived me (“Go!”, “Do!”, “Dare!”) With the fusion - thin, silky, alive -, lepid rhymes, between yearning for a golden age and roughness of leather; so I will yield to eros, senses rei; I loved - I loved ... - a grateful city, the gag, life; I have a famous dear thirst, relating to Lalo, Varèse, De Falla, Petrassi, and Ravel, and Adam, and Nono… Sor… well, total opaque art; nor was I paid for actors, divas, divas (will I be?) ... There every had, never dormant pleasure evaporated, light moth was: if with love, there, to dear - such! - virile evening - with serene gaudi, heavy to give angine, blessed - I compare it, decàde to ludo, crumb, vile chinoiserie, burden. Yup! Baroque jackdaw then remains, the less it tingles me: only apathy will bring, awkward boredom ... Paris, Hector and associates found such hard fate - reverberating of an obsolete pyre! - with the jealous kings of the Dorians (throne was of anger, Hera, Muse); in Ilio, born and not, of high tone, of rank, silenced there - re ... mogi -, they saw Hellenes libare, similar to Titans, on the Pergamum: ditto the Renani and us ... "... stubborn", prophesied - anxious tone -, and now he tange there such causal trophy (cup of rite is the goal of the game), fixed trainer; mìralo like the anemone: fixed, rare, praiseworthy… With a noble soul, never, never gloomy, fatal star he launched the tactic. I quote Gay, every skillful I must say: from Maracana I am heel, beat ... On the sides he hoisted the Latin wing Bruno: he looks for the net, he fights a lot, operates there, pierces, heals ... Bergomi, nauta boy, back down yes dear row : is the age ... With degrees I see - too much gentleness ... - Captain Dino, Ladin race. Network watches! stretch out ...: the crowd, the arena, venerates you. At every sparse, torpid and no, pullable shot, his speed leaked out: parò (the TV, there, gave clear cases). Of everything - proud, never of effort, lively - he picks up: and, if you clip them, their wings - it is the truth - seem worn out. Zoff (ùtinam!) Is one of ... Parà: para ... Foot, hands, dive: zero goals, we suffer. It is worth gold: there, there ... it is age ... “Prato, attack! brings liveliness! "," We trust! "," Rei fucking disaciditi! "... In the floods, sometimes paused, of words born there, baritone or proto, from the ring or from arenas (" Black life there, such brutality as loyal veterans, from… lazzaroni! ”,“ Donati! take a break! it goes'! dare !: the contribution you have to give! ”,“ Play loyal, feraci! ”,“ Up the withers! ”,“ Rough competition! ”,“ You, soul! ”,“ Grèbani! Grami! ”,“ Rare filare! ”; then: "Assaetta!", "Bis!" and “Ter!”), brisk, with urbanity, the alalà levossi: “Italia!”, full-blown, tonò. Healthy dear Madrid, where delibaron Goya ... gothic city sometimes veiled: strong we love you! You delight in the nomination of goalscorer to Rossi - phenomenal! -: mo ', there, removed clawed brakes (between badly given balls or poor shots his hidden stick is strong), gnaws, or hypertonicity, tonicity, vibrates. Pacione inane, remedied meager, applauded - born such - miserable in the hours of Vigo (meritàti!); Catalonia restored total fitness - we there to exhume, to restore honor -, shot gave, laughed; the games used - from steep, rare, short, coy, rough - are now whirling and broken, and seem to drown in anger (too much?). Aìta, Paolo !: score, rudder leads, aim, roll, hurry, balòccati serene, air - if Nice wavered there - modulate and give (they yield ...): polite and benign competition - and sparse, of residual virgin ... - play. King revealed himself there (Caracalla? The Roman Caesar!): Longs, makes, holds them, pavese brings ...: hypotyposis hook. You go to goal now! Sol, there, you have to divert more enthusiasm: it penetrates to the elate head - dark is not ... -, but to be raised, hoist you, ball, faith, evening (fly, there) to a vital net! It may be chance ... But Fortuna is worth you galactic plaque, new spell: never be Eris sister! Now it is decided; with feats, hard or well-established skills - lena, Pelé's art, aim -, vividly rendered there himself and us: on foul (case in favor on the limit, work of the little black man) he is alone, he goes spun, runs, throws, ball angled set ... it's a net! They salt, Iberia all to say "Arriba!", Remained. Pirate? In fact it dominates them ... They are torn between worries; Strong, braid, fertile Latins: bis and ter van, are in the net… And I will keep dear for life: the nets; all the Latin anabasis; the Latins, by ship and trains, left in crowds (mirali!); the lively, derisive tones of winged aedi; the waxed tedes ("Never so thick" I laughed: a single bonfire went off, various embers lit there); and the miraculous heroes, ferocious ... Now the crowd relaxes: the choirs decided to use. Supercaos on the finish! Do they kiss on the hand? No: Sardinian dances, Etnei up there (shoveled!); citaredi to tinnire, there, and the "the" to give; the Bolero, clarini, fado, gavotta, rockets, torches (Nice is venerated there). The ravenous honeydew “feria” anodyne is full of bolge, resse, and a little bit surpasses the ether the breathless crowd. They made laps of honor: doges or kings, in Italy, never retired so crowned. Remore, Peru, timid aporetic opinions ... and drowsiness, repeated bolts, Chile, rattle: with good reason every wound will be healed there; from large to small, or remote, there it was, although known, forgotten. I never loved TV: jet-sets, idols, satires…; but in the game - painful, rude and all beautiful: am I wrong?

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