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Letter from Vigilant and Vigilesse

Vigilant and Vigilesse

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With the return of the sun after a spring spent between cold and clouds, the traffic police reappeared in the streets of Rome, especially at the traffic lights: in truth, few and inactive, who do not even commit themselves in fines to careless offenders of the red or the stop on the zebra crossing, always busy chatting with each other, male and female, assorted good or bad couples. We hope that together they will make a happy family and not that they will break up existing ones for work reasons! They succeeded in the open air with sunshine, like snails at the first rains.

But where had they gone? Perhaps between office assignments, illnesses and holidays they had been ousted from their unloved streets and had been forced to change theater for their flirts? Or maybe it had been their choice? Better not to know and best wishes for a good job.

It Vigil
It Vigil

Best wishes to us too if the newly found policemen participate in the wild stop war which at the moment is entrusted to the horns and the insults of the other motorists forced to crowd into the only remaining lane! It is fantastic to note that in viale Eritrea and via Libia, roads with heavy traffic and large commercial crowds, since one of the two lanes, the one near the sidewalk, is reserved for buses, the other one for private cars, has become an illegal stop and so private cars use the lane of public transport by necessity, undisturbed !!! Oh like in via Baldo degli Ubaldi where for those who want to get out of the regular plug-in car park, they have to wait, sounding the horn annoyed, for the owner of the car parked in the second row on the sliding lane to finish making their own comforts.

Once upon a time there was a policeman, only one policeman, in piazza Ungheria, a little robust with a nice mustache, and another in San Bernardo, who greeted, reciprocated, all the authorities who crossed their square by car, regulating the traffic with intelligence. They have been replaced with non-intelligent traffic lights, programmed by those who could have profited from those policemen. Thus large lines are formed and the city goes haywire.

Will the return of the fighters to the streets solve problems like these? But the commander of the brigade, replaced several times by the Mayor in recent years, or the district traffic delegates who do in their offices? Wouldn't it be the case that they too took a little sun outdoors to see the dramatic traffic of a city now without rules and without controls?

I still have a doubt: because the brigade, as well as with the sun, go out en masse in the streets between the Milvio bridge and Piazza Maresciallo Giardina, on the Lungotevere of the Foro Italico, when there are football or rugby matches or concerts at the Olimpico or championships tennis or swimming in the adjacent facilities? Males and females, young and old, guard the area for hours, during the day and especially at night, even if it rains! And here the snails have nothing to do with it! What is the mystery of this newfound self-denial? Some say that it is duly paid overtime. But then in ordinary working hours where are the same vigilante and vigilesse?

I don't want an answer to my doubt, instead I would like everyone to do their duty and above all the functions for which they are paid to prevent this poor shattered Rome from becoming a real jungle. Is it clear, Mr. Mayor?

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