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We are the future without a future - Rome, Friday for Future 29 November 2019

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Back in the square, in the square to believe it, a long path for the procession that moved from Piazza della Repubblica to Piazza del Popolo, compact, united, organized and with slogans and music to accompany a protest that seems to be far from the buildings they decide.

The policemen who block the streets in full harmony with the demonstration leave the engine access to the cars, it seems surreal, absurd but nothing is absurd. Young people are beautiful, colorful, believe and try, few adults if not parents, teachers and journalists. The slogans are: "We are the future without a future", "we are all environmentalists", "we are all afraid together", "your profit is not worth our planet", "if we block the future we block the city".

Very explicit posters "+ Pinguini - Salvini" and much more, you sing, smile, green faces, water bottles and not even the rain stops them when you get to Piazza del Popolo all together while the organization's press release was read, all sitting or lying on the ground for shared action. I don't think these young people care to vote, they want to reverse course, they want to proclaim the climate emergency, they want to stop the race towards destruction, they want a plastic free world.

Yes, of course, they have cell phones, they are the children of technology but they are aware that the planet needs a strong and courageous action to stop pollution. An Italy devastated by catastrophes caused by climate change, neglect and lack of respect for nature, a world that tries to run for cover because the climate is a real emergency cannot turn away from the other side, it is not needed.

We have to share a battle for the future with these kids, every little effort can help, every little gesture helps to stop climate change. I say thank you to Greta, to the guys from Friday for Future and my daughter and millions of other kids around the world who have changed many things in our lives and who give us enthusiasm and energy and why not… the future!

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