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Diary of a quarantine We are the same: it is better to get along

We are the same: it is better to get along

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Di Nicola Cammarano

When will the quarantine end? This is the question that millions of Italians locked up at home. The precautionary measure to stop everything has been in place for more than a month now and has shown considerable efficacy in reducing the number of infections. We all want to go back to living outdoors, recovering lost habits. However, for some of us, the return to everyday life will be complicated. Just think of those who suffered, directly or indirectly, because of the virus: the health workers in hospitals, people afflicted with the disease and the families of the deceased. The scar caused by this suffering will remain indelible in them. Returning to resume your path after losing a loved one will be difficult to do.

However, if on one hand the virus has "damaged" our life, on the other it has given us something precious and above all unique: we are not omnipotent. Covid-19 has, in a sense, united people all over the world: race, cultural identity, gender, social background don't matter. We have all suffered from this invisible evil. We have finally noticed a fundamental element in human existence: pain makes us equal and fragile all in the same way, something too long ignored or deliberately ignored by those who have been able to derive interests, political or economic. prejudices, from the malice and evil that we move towards our neighbor: he does not deserve it, because everyone is a man like us, made with a heart and mind equal to ours.

When will the quarantine end? It is not known, there are those who speak of phase two, those who want to reopen everything immediately to avoid an economic collapse, those who want to move carefully and continue with the quarantine. But one thing is certain, I know what I will do when the quarantine ends: I will go out with my friends, I will resume my way but with this certainty: we are all the same, so it is better to get along.

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