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Uncomfortable diary We believe we are smart, instead we are just cheaters and also stupid

We believe we are smart, instead we are just cheaters and also stupid

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The acquittal of the shrewd card in Sanremo does not invite tax evaders to redeem themselves. Indeed, others will imitate them with the excuse that the taxes are used to pay wages to those who are authorized by a strange sentence to stamp their underwear and go back to bed instead of going to work. They expect with great curiosity the reasons we try to anticipate. By now, you know, who can steal. From the simplest to the highest levels. Even educators and public officials. And who is not in contact with money? He feels discriminated against, a second-class citizen. And it wouldn't be fair. That's why the law now authorizes him to steal a few hours of work. Equating rights is a commendable task for justice.

Watchful stamps tag in his underwear: acquitted.
Watchful stamps tag in his underwear: acquitted.

You can understand € 470 for two dishes of spaghetti to Japanese tourists. They live on the other side of the world and have the air of not understanding. But it's stupid to make an Apulian family pay 120 for four sandwiches and three drinks. Report to the police and disgrace of the place in the newspapers. But then nothing happens. Dishonest bars and restaurants continue to thrive and commit crime, especially in Rome. Under any government and city council, infringements go into prescription. However, even if Italy is not a serious country, 50 million tourists come every year because, in any case, it is worth it.

A road to Giorgio Almirante in Verona, yet another opportunity to fight and hurt us

If the street dedicated to the missing leader puts a stone on the past, it would be welcome. Unfortunately it is not a national pacification, but a continuous arm wrestling between rivals from opposing ideologies but without any plans. However, when those who applauded the Soviet intervention in Hungary, which repressed the revolt of the socialist students in blood, were elected, no one protested. Yet there were thousands of deaths in a few days. Almirante would be the first to react against those who use his memory to revive the hatred that has been brewing for a century in this poor country.

The resignation, which we hoped for last week, is Di Maio's first gesture as a true politician

Thank you, dear minister for giving up. This is how a man behaves. I hope this disastrous experience has taught you something. The first, which is not honest to aspire to a role that is not able to play. Sooner or later the bluff is exposed and makes a shitty figure. Now she knows how difficult - indeed impossible - to manage scoundrels without a future that, thanks to her, have acquired dignity. They were the first to betray her. In the eventual electoral reform, make sure that the parliamentarians are voted by the voters, not dropped from above or chosen by four cats on the Rousseau.

By now to defend Amadeus there is only Fiorello

To ridicule the criticisms that the political and musical world move him, he defines him as "bad man to be sentenced to death". It is just inadequate for a media event that attracts the interest of millions of Italians. It would be an opportunity to underline the seriousness of sores that we are unable to resolve and that we should include in school curricula since elementary school. Violence against women and the weakest, corruption and tax evasion, environment and social degradation. Instead, she lets us know that the cast will be made up of beautiful actresses, the same male chauvinist slogan of Miss Italy.

After those of the mother, a shoulder to Buckingham Palace is also given by the son

The old English institution is crumbling, already vacillating for the conquest of human rights that no longer admit birth privileges. The country, with the sovereignty of such an elderly woman, is in the hands of politicians. Nor is there a reassuring successor. The charm and confidence that Lady Diana emanated had given new motivation to the throne. The royal family, however, did not appreciate it. Indeed, when the Prince of Wales preferred another, he abandoned her to despair. That's why the queen is worried about Harry's renunciation, another boulder that is detached from the foundations of the monarchy.

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