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Uncomfortable diary We could elect the best, instead we prefer the mediocre ones who resemble us

We could elect the best, instead we prefer the mediocre ones who resemble us

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A misunderstanding has arisen between some intellectuals, who do not want the scholarly and evolved people, and Zingaretti. He, however, had deluded himself that his proposal, to extend compulsory schooling up to 18 years, passed for the first time with a flying drum and unanimously. Nah. There are those who want to limit it to 5th grade and those who even charge primary school attendance. All agree in preferring the ignorant vulgar, as in the Middle Ages. In fact, those who study understand and contest. That's why power prefers ignorance. In order not to make the usual figure of the losers, the PD will explain that he alluded to politicians.


What amazes me is not the weakness of the magistrate who, for money, adjusts the sentence

By now, you know, Italians of any cultural, social or economic level cannot resist the temptation to appropriate what does not belong to them. Where there is to grab, sooner or later everyone finds a way to evade the law. It surprises me, however, and it makes me a little disgusting, who, to become a lawyer, lies with such slimy men. Perhaps the time has come to reassess the mafias, which, being criminals, have every right to corrupt, steal and kill. If they don't join a union to challenge the illicit competition of respectable people, it is because they know it would be their end.

"Not all communists are criminals, but all criminals are communists"

He was often told when I was a boy. I wasn't even old enough to vote, but I was already aware of the importance of politics and overheard the adults who talked about it. It was a slander of the DC adversaries, who, in truth, had more ascendancy over the evildoers. However, it was the PCI that tried to lessen the penalties more and more. Certainly the era required it. But with the malpractice and corruption now widespread in all sectors of society, the reverse trend would be appropriate. However, even if PCI and DC have disappeared, criminals still find defenders in parliament today, as then.

Minister Di Maio, consider this period a break-in not a failure

The news of his late resignation as leader would be happy for everyone, even for her. It is not an act of weakness at all, but of responsibility, even of dignity, when the incapacity is so evident. Who knows that his gesture does not entice others to emulate it. For example, the Raggi is embarrassing about the movement. Both of you will attempt success in other areas of politics. With his leadership, the M5S dropped from 33 to 15% and polls see him further down. He has not only lost millions of votes, he has transferred those of the South to the Northern League. It is unlikely that his successor will do worse.

It looked like they were going to go on trial, instead Harry and Megan leave with the queen's blessing

Who thinks about money and who thinks of the whims of a reckless wife. Never to feelings, nor to the quality of life. Nobody thinks that the young prince can harbor resentment for the behavior of the royal family during the drama that the mother lived before dying at 37. There are episodes from the past that cannot be put on a stone. Sooner or later they emerge. There are those who are more sensitive than others cannot live in a clan that does not deserve respect or affection. His Majesty understood this and, to avoid that stinking crucible from being discovered, he preferred to sketch.

The referees are citizens above all suspicions, but unlike the film by Elio Petri, from 1970….

… .. they are never investigated, even if Italy is a corrupt country at any level, probably also to their own. Moreover, football navigates a sea congested with money. It is known that the games are rigged because groups of criminals gain money on bets. Occasionally - it should happen more often, as the anomalous results are quite frequent - some samples end up in jail. However, the doubt never touches the race director, who can, more than anyone else, alter the result. His decisions, sometimes disturbing, despite other referees at the VAR, are always considered human errors.

We will accuse the government as usual, but it is our fault that we do not reproduce

It is not the first time that I go to the Kennedy Center, a large theater space in Washington. I witnessed for the umpteenth time the suggestive representation of My Fair Lady, a timeless musical. I had never noticed, however, the staff who check the tickets and accompany the spectators to the seats. They are all very old people who, being in good health, are forced to work because, already in the USA, with the pension they perceive they cannot live. I was saddened. Even to the thought that from the next generation our grandchildren risk the same fate.

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