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Free Thought Hopefully there is only one of Orban!

Hopefully there is only one of Orban!

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Everything we can write today has already been written. Nihil novi sub sole, the Romans warned. In the middle of the Renaissance, Niccolò Machiavelli claimed that the evil of the Italians is in the "weakness of the leaders; because those who know are not obeyed and each seems to know ".

This lapidary phrase of the Florentine writer should suggest to CENSIS another investigation, besides the one already made on the “rancor"Which winds among the Italians: an investigation on the"individual envy".
Not on that "social”, Therefore, which, although equally pernicious, constitutes a land plowed abundantly by sociologists, but that attributable to a single person in relationship with another who becomes the object of a feeling of hostility and anger. 

In other words, individual envy is that which develops only against those who are believed to possess something that the envious subject wishes to have, but feels or knows they do not possess. The impossibility of identifying with an “ideal or idealized subject” combined with the absence of any hope of finding help in anyone gives rise to envy. 

There is no remedy: the envious attacks, with the will to destroy. It is likely, taking a look at the Italian political scene, that that feeling of individual envy has reached its highest level in recent years.

Those who know are not obeyed, as Machiavelli said, and, conversely, those who do not know receive respect. Furthermore, the race to command has become frantic, because everyone seems to know.

The "Circus Italy”In these days of Coronavirus is offering one of the most impressive shows ever: because those who they do not know(obviously what they should know where they are) are present in all places of command and their orders, from ignorant and incompetent, crossing each other chaotically, send everything in disarray. 

Of course, the examples of dexterity, ingenuity, courage, self-denial of the individual "soldiers" can be counted out of hand; but as Machiavelli always says, "armies do not appear". Probably there are, but, abandoned to themselves, as in a perpetual September 1943 of XNUMX!

Meanwhile, the people-flock is attached to the TV and tries, in vain, to understand. 
The politicians who should tell him how long his "house arrest" lasts are silent for fear of losing electoral consensus. They would like to communicate words of optimism but insecure and hesitant, as they are, they do not go too far.

In their stead, the "virologists", the "epidemic and immunology experts" (for most of the Italians of the "illustrious anonymous") speak (and they would do well, instead, to keep quiet about this point) who sadistically and without worries vote, threaten "closure at home" of innocent citizens until late summer, regardless of other effects than those of the spread of virus.

The doctors, rightly proud of the great spirit of sacrifice of their colleagues, for a misleading and often prudent and politically oriented "charity of the country", are silent about the dysfunctions of the national health system and its regional articulations (it is the Machiavellian army that is not there) and try not to see the damage caused to the health of the Euro-continentals, so as not to blame the “stepmother” of the European Union for its “interested” cuts, more useful to the Banks than to the citizens of the “unfortunate Europe”. 

Administrative officers are who they are and say what they can, constantly careful to keep well attached to the armchair.

This is the scenario. 

The Italian state lacks, among the current rulers, individuals with competence, ability, ability and above all determination and personal strength who can get us out of the "after coronavirus”Which promises to be more tragic than the pandemic itself. 

It would be necessary to look around and invoke the Latin motto: Salus rei publicae suprema lex esto!

Certainly this would be possible (and recent history is full of episodes in which that maxim was invoked to resort to men who, unfortunately but also predictably, proved to be a worse remedy than the disease!) But we must not forget that individual envy , italic bad, is always lurking. 

None of the flock is willing to make room for those who really have the numbers (and there are) to lift the country from the miasma of the sewer into which, through no fault of its own, it has fallen. Woe to mention names other than those of the mediocre political class that represents us for a fraudulent electoral system and that has voted, in order to survive, to a taciturn servility towards the Brussels bureaucrats (pretending from time to time to emit cries of rebellion that they are just "gasps" before giving in and dying).

Immediately, ghosts of our not too distant past are evoked. 

And this, forgetting that if Mussolini and his hierarchs have long been underground, the Europe of three absolutisms (one religious and two politicians) is always able to generate its Orban!  

That school of authoritarianism has never closed its doors.

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