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Uncomfortable diary We no longer read a book or a newspaper: to live there ...

We no longer read a book or a newspaper: a cell phone is enough to live

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The computer science that could have been the great cultural revolution in human history, since the invention of the wheel, has proven to be enormous damage. He had to broaden knowledge, shorten distances and bring distant peoples closer together. Instead, it only flattened the imagination of young people, who are now enslaved by it, and extinguished their enthusiasm. It has absorbed countless jobs and allowed the frustrated to sow hatred, resentment and malevolence. It must return to being an instrument of dialogue and social utility. Or it will be the ruin of the world.

Young people and mobile phones, an inseparable combination

We Italians are freeloaders, even those who invoke honesty

Like the souls of Paradise who are all equally blessed despite the different distance from God, we are all dishonest, whether we can take advantage of it, or if we don't have the chance. So let's judge the others. However, as soon as we get close to power we act like those we blame. Wealth dazzles. That's why the occasion makes the thief man. But, fortunately, we are already by nature. We are scandalized if an ex-minister holds the apartment she deserves for the institutional function. She was rightly offended. Why should it be more stupid than others?

Mister, you train them above all to be more dignified

I was pleased that Italy of football also beat Armenia. I'm always happy if the blues win. I was disturbed, however, by the exaggerated exultation of the reporters and especially that of the players. We weren't winning with the world champions. It is true that, with 9 to 1, we have broken many records that have survived for half a century. But they were very modest opponents. Even Messina or Ivrea chicks would have beaten them. Many hugs and leaps of joy, from elementary schoolchildren, stained a foregone victory. If you cheer after three goals, you fall into ridicule.

Unlike us, bums have the dignity of not begging

They are normal people who, however, disappointed in society, no longer communicate with their fellowmen. Because they don't kill or steal, they don't hate or even begrudge privileges. We judge them dirty and smelly and consider them a burden on society. Instead, not only do they cost us nothing. Indeed, we know useful examples. In fact, they don't ask for a job or a funeral. They do not weigh on health or benefit from the layoffs. Abnormal, however, are we, who do not notice the emotions that life offers us and, to chase money and success, we even give up dignity.

Polanski accused of violence dating back 44 years

To distinguish those who really suffered it from those who invent it to get publicity or compensation, the prosecutors in Hollywood and the surrounding area suggest alleged victims to file complaints quickly, rather than many years later. Claims will not be accepted in installments, nor those that occurred in another era because they are difficult to ascertain. Neither are those that occurred after obtaining millionaire contracts. Also out of respect for the thousands of women really raped every day on the streets and at home, without asking for anything to the pieces of shit that often go unpunished.

Rejected by teachers, promoted by a ruling by the Council of State

It is not fair to reject a boy in primary school. This was decided by the high administrative judiciary following the appeal of a parent who wants his son promoted, although ignorant. Here is Italy of the third millennium. And politics has nothing to do with it. It seems that the judges are doing it on purpose to alter the balance of the country and also attract the dislikes of probi citizens. Not only by issuing grotesque sentences, but by falling into the ridicule when they exercise power in sectors where they have no right to insert themselves. It is as if there was a plan to discredit Justice, which has nothing to do with culture

In Italy only the poor people end up in prison

When fortune telling. It could have been a massacre, but the victims were only 43. The damage amounts to billions, while the inconveniences are free. And we complain as well. It was the eve of August XNUMXth, there was no traffic on the Morandi bridge either. Investigations are slow. From time to time we discover evidence of some negligence. However, it will take years to formulate the allegations. Before arresting those with millionaire salaries, they usually wait for a prescription. Let's just hope there aren't any more tragedies. Italy is full of unsafe viaducts and unfortunately of criminals who neglect their maintenance

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