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Uncomfortable diary We waste food as if we lived in opulence and continue to complain

We waste food as if we lived in opulence and continue to complain

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During the war, when food was rationed and only the daily allowable amount could be consumed, nothing was wasted. Parents lost weight because they deprived themselves of food to give it to the children we had to grow up. Not even when well-being arrived did he leave a piece of bread, thinking of those who didn't have one. Today, however, as unconscious, he throws a lot. On average, each of us wastes € 4 a week. 12 billion a year end up in the garbage. A point of GDP, the cost of citizenship income. We are irresponsible and demand more and more.

food market
food market

Here's how to boost the economy and spread wealth

The recipe is American. Politics has nothing to do with it. In order to increase profits, staff are fired, creating poverty and consequently reducing consumption. Or closing the company and transferring it to countries where labor costs less. In the United States, however, a group of entrepreneurs has entered into a private agreement, which is becoming increasingly popular. Nobody is put on the pavement. In times of crisis managers 'wages are reduced and when business is going well, employees' wages are increased. It is the egg of Columbus, but we, greedy, want to eat it alone.

If violent and wicked they understood how easier it is to live honestly

Mario Puzo, a profound connoisseur and scholar of mafias and crime, told me how clever those who outlaw should be. Respectable, albeit mediocre people, enjoying state assistance, manage to survive in one way or another. Cheaters, swindlers and criminals, on the other hand, must have a superior mind. They do not realize that by behaving well, they could be leading the company rather than having to hide and run away. It is the fault of prejudices, of misery, of instinct, of ignorance, but above all of the school that today no longer teaches how to live.

The Pope closed for 25 'in the elevator: domestic accident or attempted attack?

He arrives late at the Angelus and apologizes to the worried faithful. Firefighters say power failure. The Pope, however, is not calm. It can be a warning sign. From now, at 82, it is more prudent to walk the stairs. Being alone in a cabin, at the mercy of anyone, is risky. He reformed the Vatican bank which now can no longer launder dirty money, cleaned up the curia, unmasked many pedophiles even among cardinals. Never had a reformer like him been seen in the Vatican. Many Catholics urge him to resign. Who knows if there are also those who urge the Holy Spirit to call him back to Heaven. 

Many understand only the main sentence, have difficulty with the subordinate

"Five years of us" is the profound thought that Balivo writes to her husband for his birthday. Who knows if Ferragni will take care of her son or followers today. But is Belem still in love with Stefano? A quarrel between competitors breaks out in 'Amici' that De Filippi manages to quell. The Queen of England, aged 93, is angry with Megan and Harry for not respecting protocol. With everything that happens in the world, newspapers record such platitudes. They hope, in this way, to lure ignorant people, who, however, prefer the computer. And they also complain that Italians do not read and the circulation is decreasing.

Most often the dramatic stories begin the day when you fight between brothers

I suffered from the arrest of Franchino Zampaglione, formerly Tiromancino, whom I have known since I was a boy. He has tried to get money in a careless way, like all the good people who one day decide, who knows why, at 50, perhaps discouraged or desperate, to commit crime for the first time. Clumsily entered the bank armed with a toy gun, the same cashier immediately immobilized him. If a mild musician ends up in prison, while many criminals circulate freely, it is not a victory for justice but the defeat of a society without balance and love.

He does not want a Brexit no deal, but neither does he betray his brother, and he resigns as a deputy

What an example of civilization, love, civic sense and respect for these British voters! God damn them, as incited by the good soul of which not a bad copy is found today, but, for heaven's sake, save Joseph Johnson, brother of Boris and minister. The Premier wants to get out of Europe badly. Not him. Choosing between the interests of the country and the affection for the family member is not easy. Not knowing who to vote for, with an exemplary gesture, he leaves government and parliament. You try - I can't - to imagine the same sensitivity in our politicians with their bunch of ravenous sympathizers.

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