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Uncomfortable diary When a party disappears it is not a day of celebration for the ...

When a party disappears it is not a day of celebration for democracy

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We are not happy about an election result that kills a movement thanks to which two million families now enjoy a decent income of citizenship. The newspapers do not speak of many people out of poverty, but of those few who perceive it without being entitled to it. They were the only ones who voted for us, because it is now among the freeloaders and counterfeiters that gratitude can be found. Here is the perverse society we have created. Instead of being ashamed of it, we laugh at Di Maio. He takes it out on the MPs who betrayed him. But the voters who benefited from it are also ungrateful.

Luigi Di Maio worried
Luigi Di Maio, very worried after the recent defeats of Calabria and Emilia Romagna.

As on the eve of 1938 many families leave Europe for Israel and the USA

In Berlin, on a Saturday morning a few years ago, I noticed a happy family, parents and three teenage children, elegantly dressed and their heads covered, perhaps headed for the Synagogue. I wondered how they could have a carefree life when on the other sidewalk a group of menacing young men sang military anthems. Even if the scene was peaceful, I was afraid not only for those innocents but for everyone. Already then I perceived the embryo of anti-Semitism which is now resurrecting in Europe. Jews who get the chance begin to emigrate. They no longer feel safe here. Neither do we.

If a child does not want to study, do not make it a drama, in fact it is very likely that he will become famous

In 40 years of service, a graduate teacher earns € 900 throughout his life, yes and no. While a presenter of San Remo in a few days 800 thousand. Guests from 30 to 50 thousand. Benign for 10 minutes in the evening 300 thousand. However, they perform an essential function. Make the 15 million Italians forget the problems facing the country. Music and football are more important to us than politics. The constitution calls us a parliamentary republic. We actually live in a television dictatorship. In fact, the path to success is paved by some rare talent and myriad of ignorant.

Let's not forget that Samson preferred to die, but together with all the Philistines

When it was feared that the elections would be lost, it was said that they were only regional and had nothing to do with national politics. Now that, thanks to the Sardines, the PD has won, it wants to impose a new agenda on the government and accuses the M5S, as the League did with them, of the change of trend in the country. It is the limit of the winners. Wins are not easy to manage. They can turn into loud defeats if intellectual consistency and honesty are lost. In order to take revenge, even if they themselves suffer damage, the allies become bitter enemies. Especially if, as noted, they are foolish and inexperienced.

Espresso and Repubblica also come under the control of Fiat

When, in 1973, I worked on the Messaggero there was a long agitation against the decision of one of the two owners to sell their share to the publisher Rusconi. The designated director was the famous Luigi Barzini jr, under whose guidance each of us should have wished to work. Instead, we went on strike. There was still no ban on concentration of titles. It arrived in 81. But the magistrate nevertheless forbade the transaction. That law is still there and, despite the swarm of newspapers and TV, it is not considered. But it is now useless to have an information monopoly. So much nobody reads anymore

Needless to close borders, epidemics pass equally, as do drugs

A harmless virus is enough to undermine a power. In other times - like the plague and cholera epidemics - he would have swore to judgment, which punishes China. Perhaps because he is a communist. Instead, it is a simple influence, which comes from the mysterious east. Hence, it is an opportunity to dramatize and spread panic. By now the rhythm of our life is marked by alarmism. To be appreciated, news must create scandal or fear. Only in this way are we happy. Consumption, production, tourism, exports are blocked and difficulties increase. Instead, an aspirin would suffice.

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