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Uncomfortable diary When money is not only used to enrich those who own it, but ...

When money is not only used to enrich those who own it, but also those who do not have it

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It doesn't happen often. In fact, a billionaire never thinks about who has little or no money at all. To avoid speculation on the vaccine, as on the masks, Bill Gates, number two in the ranking of the richest men in the world, after Jeff Bezof, of Amazon, will pay him for all citizens of the 5 continents. If his $ 97 billion capital is not enough, he will be the promoter of a large collection. I don't know if the Nobel Prize will be enough to enhance the greatness of a man who has no equal in history and who today invents something much more important than Microsoft.

Protecting the lives of the faithful is not a denial of freedom of worship, nobody prevents for now from praying from home

It is not like bishops, Your Holiness, to attack, as any politician, the scientific community and the government which - unlike those who only manage souls - have responsibility for many human lives and their well-being. It is not fair to argue that Christians would face the virus like persecutions once upon a time in order to receive the Eucharist. Back then they were more fanatics than believers. And then, is it convenient to dig up the past? Today, the functions can be followed on TV. Do you think that the Lord does not realize the difficulties we are going through? He will see the lecture he will make when they meet!

With phase 2 you go back to work, but, if the schools are closed, where do you park your children?

We continue to call them schools. In reality, Italians do not care that their children study, but that there are deposits of children. Although now few, somewhere you have to park them. Controversy will break out. A government of national unity will be invoked in which it will be possible to quarrel with the same results. Everyone has the solution but does not reveal it. It is easier for him to criticize. I was part of the group of optimists, deluded that after the pandemic we would change. But a virus is not enough to improve us. It takes the magic wand to solve everyone's whims. If not, we vote for others.

Who would have thought that the Italians would have appreciated those who keep them indoors for two months

Why shoe stores, yes, and restaurants, no? How many mistakes this government. Anyone out of the 60 million Italians would do better. As for the formation of the national football team. Is it possible that you can't guess one? Worse than broken clocks, which, twice a day, indicate the correct time. Smart that Count there. He kept us at home for two months to get used to the danger and now he frees us little by little. And the Italians appreciate it. But why don't you listen to my advice? Let's get everything moving again. So if I'm right, better for everyone. If, however, the contagion grows, so much of a hat for its politics.

Spreading accusations and slanders against those who think differently is not the right way to help the country

Sit would be more patriotic to suspend hostilities, already exaggerated in normal times, let alone the dramatic moment we are experiencing. We know the gravity of the emergency, but not the duration. Who knows how long we will have to live with it. People dear to voters of all trends die. If we really love Italians and not power, greater solidarity would be appropriate. Accusing each other with such hatred and resentment, with expressions that look more like bullets than words, does not help to solve the problem, but to kill more people. The strong man, however, is also generous.

After 75 years, April 25 is still a divisive anniversary. But is it really necessary for everyone to accept it?

The debate has dragged on since 1945. Today it has finally opened up to the School of Liberalism where obviously the opinions are manifold, more than elsewhere, more than unfortunately the liberals themselves are today. It is thought itself that leads to conflicting conclusions. There are even those who dispute the Virginity of Our Lady, let alone political opinions. History must not seek agreement, like those who want to please everyone. It would be like changing the course of events. Not even the southerners in the USA and the monarchists from us accept defeat. They don't argue because they aren't blinded by ideology like us.

The election of a tough man to the presidency of Confindustria was providential, arrived just in time

Even before taking office, he groomed the political class and its predecessor, who had a too tender heart. Now he will explain to his people that savings are not for enriching. They are reserves to face the periods of crisis. Italy, which is always crying for misery, is the most saver country in the world. Because the business went well or perhaps the taxes were evaded, the loaf increased or the redundancies were made redundant. Until now, industrialists had never dared to ask the government for grants. Patience, if there are not enough for workers.

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