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Natural Theater What characteristics of extra virgin olive oil are really perceived by the consumer?

What characteristics of extra virgin olive oil are really perceived by the consumer?

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The Interprofession of the Spanish olive oil wanted to know the perception that foreign visitors have of this food, verifying in general that they appreciate and enhance the quality and flavor and, increasingly, its positive effects on health .

A large number of tourists try olive oil for the first time during their summer holidays in Spain. An experience that accompanies them when they return to their places of origin.

As a result of this survey, British tourist Len Ross points out, for example, that gastronomy, together with the climate and its people are the main reasons that led him to travel to Spain and olive oil is one of those ingredients he doesn't want to miss. "I like it very much and I use it in my country, with garlic, bread and Spanish wine," he confesses.

Cold-extracted olive oil
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In Colombia it was not very common to consume olive oil a few years ago, but now the population requires it much more thanks to the rise of the Mediterranean Diet, explains Ángela Pacheco. “In my country, Spanish gastronomy is known as Mediterranean cuisine and olive oil goes in. It's mainly used with bread and stews, "he says.

The Chilean Consuelo Parra is a cooking student and says: "I like to use olive oil in all my dishes".

In addition to taste, quality and gastronomic versatility, many tourists appreciate the beneficial effects on health of regular consumption of olive oil, a fundamental pillar of the Mediterranean Diet. “Yes, I tried it and I love it. I take it every day in my salads and for everything ”, says the Brazilian Teresa Shillong.

Martha Soler also claims that “in Colombia we use it for all types of dishes and salads. Also, now that I can't eat a lot of fat, olive oil is the only product I buy. "

The wealth of culinary uses of extra virgin olive oil is another of the options most appreciated by tourists who have spent their summer in Spain. “We always use Spanish olive oil, it is the only one we buy. And we do it to prepare everything from serious dishes to popcorn, ”explains Chilean Irene Sepúlveda. “We know it and love it. We use olive oil for frying, with bread and to accompany it with meals. ”, Says his compatriot Gustavo Ledezma.

Even the Mexican Carlos Gonsier "loves the product very much", even if he reserves it for "very special meals and some salads".

“I come from Bolivia and in my country the only olive oil we see is Spanish. And of course we use it, both in salads and in general. Here we have a preference for olive oil, ”emphasizes Saliselo Ríos.

Not all respondents have adequate information on the origin of the product. This is the case of the Canadian Alison Kihoit, who had not heard of Spanish olive oil until she visited the country: "I thought the olive oil came from Italy," he says, at the same time , who considers this product "fantastic and delicious".

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