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Leafing through the New York Times As Americans change about racism, the president gives it in

As Americans change about racism, the president gives it in

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Leafing through the New York Times of 12/06/2020

Sports clubs ask fans not to use federal flags; the Pentagon and a few republican senators are willing to change the name of some military bases; large industries stand against racial injustice; the majority of conservatives also recognize some justification for the protest marches. Yet with public opinion changing rapidly on racism in America, there is still one star that shines on the contrary: the president. Whether he suggests shooting demonstrators or unleashing dogs at him, defending the names of the bases or saying that his supporters "love people of color", Trump seems increasingly to be a cultural relic, detached not only from the demonstrators on the streets , but also from the politically central country and even from many Republican allies and its own military leaders.


  • Police reject Trump's claims about Antifa plots. Police arrested hundreds of demonstrators, many accused of serious crimes. But in no case did a link emerge about the association of anti-fascist activists known as Antifa. Trump and his associates, including Justice Minister Barr, argue the opposite without any proof.
  • A bad reality emerges and the markets collapse. After three months of rising, the stock market crashed yesterday when investors decided that they could no longer behave as if the American economy had already recovered from the epidemic disasters.
  • Black veterans painfully remember the names of the bases. Honoring the Confederates ( military and civilian members of the southern states opposed to union and pro-slavery ) is a slap in the face. Many military bases still bear the names of confederates and attempts are made to change them with the current political movement. Trump is naturally against it.
  • General sorry to have participated in the photo organized by Trump. General Mark Miley, chief of the military, says he is sorry to have participated in the famous photo organized by Trump in front of a church near the White House. "My presence ... created the perception that the military is involved in internal politics."


  • Biden against Zuckerberg. In the election campaign, Biden asks his supporters to push Facebook towards stricter rules on false or hateful statements.
  • A safer meat plant. In an industry where workers are often attached to one another in a line, factories are initiating changes to protect them from contagion.
  • Trump and Erdogan bond well. Relations between the United States and Turkey are currently at an optimum point.
  • A super-power or not? A campaign for a strong economy based on low-wage workers leads many to wonder if the world's second largest economy is really as prosperous or not. 
  • The European Union is ready to accuse Amazon. In a case that has been debating for more than two years, the European Commission is preparing to accuse Amazon of monopoly crimes. 

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