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News preview Who are the 2 women at the helm of the EU

Who are the 2 women at the helm of the EU

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Is called Ursula von der Leyen, is German, doctor, defense minister of Angela Merkel, of which she is a loyal opponent and now - if Parliament does not vote against her - she is the new president of the European commission (the place that was Jean-Claude Juncker). Ursula von der Leyen, 61, is the daughter of Ernst Albrecht, long-time president of Lower Saxony, wife of the physician and entrepreneur Heiko von der Leyen and mother of seven children - the youngest is twenty years old. She was also minister of social affairs and labor, is very close to the chancellor, and is registered with the CDU. Many liked his name, even the four from Visegrad and Conte's Italy who yesterday morning had revealed that he hoped to have a woman at the head of the commission. Socialists liked it less but Spaniard Pedro Sanchez said no.

Christine Lagarde and Ursula Von Der Leyen
Christine Lagarde and Ursula Von Der Leyen

The other appointments see the French Christine Lagarde, number one of the International Monetary Fund, at the helm of the ECB to replace Mario Draghi, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel in the presidency of the European Council, which is now owned by Donald Tusk. The high representative of Foreign Affairs, in place of Mogherini, will be the Spaniard Josep Borrell. The presidency of parliament will vote tomorrow. At stake are the Bulgarian Sergej Stanišev and the Italian of the Democratic Party David Sassoli for the first two and a half years. Then the German Manfred Weber should take over.

«In the troubled years as Minister of Defense, Ursula von der Leyen's impeccable blond bob has come to look more and more like a helmet. Overwhelmed by one scandal after another - rifles that misfired, tanks and helicopters that overheated or jammed, external millionaire consultancy - "Panzeruschi" as its detractors call it, has always resisted with an enigmatic smile on the lips and a unshakeable faith in itself to the continuous broadsides of its enemies. His opponents have multiplied since 2013, since he governed the defense, and in the meantime they managed to bury his aspirations to succeed Angela Merkel as chancellor. But von der Leyen is the only one who has always had a leading ministry in the four Merkel governments »[Mastrobuoni, Rep]

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