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Uncomfortable diary Who is behind that tiny girl who is lifting the world?

Who is behind that tiny girl who is lifting the world?

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Some fool still wonders, accustomed as we are to being manipulated by advertising, customs and politics. We are no longer used to taking initiatives without the input or consent of the rich and powerful. She began to protest alone on a Friday morning in front of the Swedish parliament. Two years later it is followed by millions of young people from every country who blame adults for not respecting the planet. Welcome the manipulators of that little girl if they act for the good of the earth and the future of our children. Unfortunately there are none. For now there is only little Greta.

Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg

They call them "white dead", as if it were not anyone's fault

Instead, those responsible are identifiable. In the first seven months of the year, 599 family fathers died on the job. Three victims a day. Fallen from the roofs, crushed by a press, electrocuted by the current. A massacre. There are no protections. Companies do not respect the most basic safety standards. It also saves on life. Many precarious workers, often paid illegally. It is cheaper to compensate the families of the victims. Not to mention the expenses incurred by the state with the health system. Laws will be respected when compensation exceeds prevention costs.

When emigrants get their heads up

The arrogant and presumptuous terrace was deluded to have the same rights as the residents. But he had his business. They beat her up well. It was not enough for her to have found work in a school in Forlì and even accommodation. He also demanded the parking space like all the other condominiums, as if it were one of them. These southern people don't really have a sense of proportion. If one gives her a hand, she takes her whole arm. It is not content to survive. When they attack her, rightly giving her mafia, she even goes to the police to get right. But who do you think you are?

Thus we prepare the formation and the future of young people

In Italy of the third millennium everyone is commemorated. From a champion still unsurpassed, who gave prestige to sport, cycling and the country like Fausto Coppi, to Moana Pozzi, a pornstar. With the same meter, we applaud and vote. We make no difference between value and inefficiency, between merit and failure, between dignity and shame. As long as they have achieved notoriety or wealth, no matter how you achieve them, they are characters who deserve a selfie or, if they disappeared, a memory. Then we are scandalized if our children commit crime, out of play or out of boredom, especially for lack of values.

It is difficult for a magistrate to realize that he is falling into ridicule

Take your boyfriend for a ride on the jet skis supplied to the police. If not, what's the use of being a minister? But understandable paternal weakness is not a crime. Indeed, it is a gesture that meets anyone's solidarity. There is no lack of famous precedents. There were those who allowed the son to use the state plane. But you have to find a manager. The escort agents, three poor people who take orders and have no power are under investigation. For allowing the undue and forbidden use of journalists to film the scene although the venue was public. Instead of dealing with criminals.

In Italy, disasters are resolved by rewarding those responsible with lavish compensation

I imagine the lecture that a waitress from Atlantia, the Benetton company that manages the highways, suffers if she inadvertently drops a vase of flowers while cleaning an office. Instead, after the collapse of the Morandi Bridge and the death of 43 people, the managing director receives a leave of 13 million to leave, in addition to a mega liquidation and a portfolio of shares that is worth 7 more. The citizen considers this system a theft and instigation to commit a crime. How can you blame him if he considers it lawful to steal him too? It is not with these examples that rampant corruption is fought.

That craze to dazzle the public with sensational news and interviews

Political leaders don't touch. Indeed, out of prudence the journalist genuflected. It is easier to rage on the weak. Violence is now in our DNA. Information has also been going on for some time. The news is not enough. Something sensational is needed. You have to catch the viewer who, if not, changes the channel. Overwhelmed by the cynicism and vulgarity that agitate society, even Porta a porta has adapted to male chauvinism. The woman who escaped the double femicide is lucky. Her stalker pardoned her. What are you complaining about? And she naively believed that at least TV was more human.

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