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Free Thought Who of Hope lives ...

Who of Hope lives ...

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I am convinced of the transience of life and its conclusion into nothingness and oblivion and therefore the subtle distinctions that I read in the press between a plenary indulgence, which seems to have been granted by the Pope, in solitude, hardly have a regenerating effect on me in Piazza San Pietro, and a partial indulgence, probably suggested to him by some less generous Cardinal.

I am convinced, moving to more earthly things, that young men of "bad hope" who would have made hunger without the providential stupidity (invincible, because protected in excelsi sand favored by the priests of God themselves) of those who voted for them (or forced the Italians to vote for them, with a fraudulent electoral system from the Banana Republic) cannot today be, without any competence and credibility, to deal with prospects of success of the next "hunger" of the majority of Italians 

I am disappointed that the inefficiency of public power, in managing the emergency, is associated with mass-media information, equally ramshackle, reticent at best, totally false, at worst. 

I am appalled by the proliferation of fake-news spread on social, on the occasion of the Covid19 pandemic about the birth and development of virus in the laboratory (Chinese, American, multinational).

In spite of these premises, I believe that my pessimism should not cancel my cry of rebellion and keep me silent.

Even if the ending of our human comedy is always sad and obvious from the start, one cannot accept, as long as one is on Earth, to be ruled by a clique of foolish people, just because decades and decades of obtuse misrule have given Italians the worst political class of the entire planet. The lies that the children of an always pregnant mother spread must be identified and opposed.

The most striking for its folly seemed to me that of research funding by a strong Western financial group. And this, not because those who hold the money could not have an interest in a collapse of world production which would certainly have been followed by the need for substantial financing for the recovery, but because of the Horatian motto: est modus in rebus

It is true, in fact, that the Kingdom of God Money is more unassailable than that of Heaven, because its priests do not wear the vestments of religious shamans and do not appear, blessing, in public to be identified, but of bloody and violent revolutions. world has known so many and after all the ambulatories of Banks and Financiers are equally locatable, despite the substantial anonymity of their occupants.

The falsity is very evident due to the addition of the adjective "western" to the noun "financial group"; on the other hand, perfectly justifiable because of the situation of private credit control in our part of the world.

Personally, I believe that if the news was not false, the launch of the most colossal should be attributed to the dementia of that group boomerang of the history of economics (that is, never seen before).

What was clear to few people about the initial presence of the European Union and its "blockages" for the survival of the Member States due to the austerity imposed on the health systems and not only of them but of all investments productive, now it is becoming clear to all (or almost) the inhabitants of the old continent.

Even Romano Prodi, the most Europeanist of our politicians, the not forgotten negotiator of the Euro, writes today in “Il Messaggero” that the Union is in danger of dissolving. The politician does not seem to realize how welcome this hypothesis can be to others who have not thought like him for quite some time.

Even Mario Draghi, who was also at the service of that world, speaks a different language today and the Italians can do nothing but hope that he will follow the words with the facts, if we realize, in our beloved country, that it is not possible to continue to go on (not even for a single day) with the Brancaleone army of politicians that we meet and that a man of his competence can be useful to everyone, especially after the exquisitely "political" lucidity acquired.

Therefore, I do not desist from my rebellion because I am convinced that their fourth war of independence is in full swing, unbeknownst to the Italians themselves: that against the domination of the technocrats of Brussels, hetero-directed and piloted by Wall Street and from the City.

According to the account of the fallen of the three Italian wars of independence (between Piedmontese, Garibaldini and opponents, including brigands), made by the famous historian Gaetano Salvemini, the entire Italian Risorgimento would have cost our fathers a real misery, not even nine thousand dead.

"A lottery lottery, earned with a lot of luck" according to the expression he used in n.5 (of 7 July 1915) of "The political voice" (year VII).

That figure has already been exceeded in Italy for the dead since Corona virus.

It could, however, stop at that number if our Stellone appeared again on the horizon, after a necessary settlement of accounts, at the institutional level.

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