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Why digital argonauts

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Last Tuesday we presented the second book published by our newspaper, "Digital Argonauts in the noosphere". An anthology, a collection of the writings of Moondo 2020, with the aim of contributing to a reflection on the problems of our time. Carmen Lasorella, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco and Claudio Velardi, whom I thank for the availability and generosity of the judgments, have recognized the absolute freedom of thought that runs throughout all the published writings and which constitutes our true heritage. Moondo is not a party newspaper and does not represent interests. It's a digital newspaper and that's it.

We have invited readers not to be satisfied with mere information, we have urged them to comment on what is happening, we have tried to convince them that news is not enough, ideas are needed. Because we are facing a challenge that is not only health but also a philosophical challenge as the way of thinking guides and precedes choices: culture is the drug suitable for treatment, it is what we lack, it is the root cause of our crisis but above all it is the necessary and indispensable tool to face the unknowns of the "new season" that awaits us.

Moondo and "Digital Argonauts" want to be a container in which ideas, all ideas, are a matter of dialogue and comparison using one of the less widespread forms of writing, long here, a large writing space and a long reading time, able to stimulate research, counteracting the trend of a superficial communication made up of "question and answer" that feeds conflict and eliminates ideas and dialogue.

Many of the Italian digital newspapers are nothing more than copies of the paper newspapers transferred over the network. In our opinion it is not digital information. Or rather, it is a traditional way of making information in which novelty is the means of dissemination. No publisher in our country seems to have understood the potential of a completely new world like the web. No publisher has proposed a different model of journalism on the web. Digital offers the reader, if he so wishes, the possibility of "building" his own cultural baggage starting from information. An inclusive journalism that can offer the reader insights from sources outside the newspaper (other newspapers, online magazines, institutional sites, universities, research centers, foundations, etc.). A journalism made up of comments. A journalism that makes full use of multimedia, which favors the search for sources, which makes it possible to compare different points of view.

Moondo proposes itself as a "hub of culture": a virtual place where the community exchanges ideas, compares itself, opens up to dialogue, looking for solutions to change, if necessary, what needs to be changed: we owe it to ourselves, and above all to the younger generations who will be affected by the extraordinary public debt that is accumulating to support the well-being of citizens and to implement the programs that will become necessary for the re-construction of the country.

When we closed "Digital Argonauts", Parliament gave Mario Draghi, the new head of government, a large majority. Draghi can bring about a turning point in relations between European states and in economic policies as well as producing significant changes in Italian politics.

The crisis opened by Matteo Renzi has exposed the fragility of the major political groups, effectively determining the conditions for a government of the President. Born in the dark, the crisis has brought a lot of light into Italian politics: at Palazzo Chigi we have one of the most respected Italian men in the world, a part of the sovereigns have infiltrated becoming pro-Europeans, the money from the Recovery Plan is in expert hands and Italy it is stronger on international tables and especially in Europe.
A new situation in which the political game can resume. On the right we will see what evolution the pro-European “conversion” of the League will have. On the left, first a parliamentary intergroup was born between PD, Leu and Cinque Stelle, then the 5 Star movement split in two and the former prime minister Giuseppe Conte was appointed head of the moderate faction while Casaleggio goes Controvento, then he joined crisis the PD and his secretary has resigned pending the return of the prodigal son. And finally there is the area that goes from Renzi to Calenda, from Bonino to the Greens, from the Socialists to Bentivogli, today divided and quarrelsome, which sooner or later will be forced to compete with the prospect of creating a liberal-democratic formation and with this gives life to a center that is missing both on the right and on the left. It would be the best way to use the pause for reflection that Mario Draghi's government of national unity offers to parties to try to regenerate, also through a good electoral law.

Even if the real challenge will be to give a prospect of development and renewed well-being to the country of Italy in the context of a world in which the more Chinese influence extends, the more the clash with the United States becomes radicalized. Not to mention a Mediterranean theater of endless guerrilla warfare, of a restless Islam behind which, and not much, new Turkish interests and old Russian ambitions are hidden. Italy is out of the game while Europe is watching not knowing what to fish for.

We are a young editorial reality e we do not receive public funding. Our work is supported only by the contribution of the publisher (CuDriEc Srl) and advertising revenue. THE readers they are ours true wealth. Every day we try to deliver accurate, unique and true insights.
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