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Restless heart Why do some feel the need to question themselves about God?

Why do some feel the need to question themselves about God?

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I have always wondered why some feel the need to question themselves about God and to put themselves in relationship with him, while others seem refractory and indifferent. Over the years I have realized that for everyone the appointment with God comes in one way or another. I am left with the question, common to all, on how to best live this relationship.

At 18 I felt that the Lord asked me to commit myself as the good Samaritan with whom I liked to identify myself because, being a Samaritan, nothing good was expected of him.

Since then, the relationship with God, supported by daily Communion, has been strengthened even if, as for all mortals, it always remains incomplete even if it is satisfying. Therefore, the commitment to always improve this relationship remains ...

When I was young it was natural for me to commit myself to spreading the relationship with God among comrades and colleagues. It was I who acted, with God's help.

Later I understood that the true commitment is prayer which then carries the action with it. I solicited God to realize the necessary apostolic goals. Having known the exciting message of St. Josemaría Escrivá made me thrilled to bring the message of holiness to so many in the midst of the world.

Now it seems clear to me that the important thing is that God's will be done, which does not mean remaining inert but operating with peace in the heart. For a Neapolitan being in a good mood is the stable inner position but for a Christian, serenity is the right condition. The only attack on serenity is if I refuse to accept God's will, but if I look to Jesus there is no reason to lose not only peace but good humor.

Good humor is not a selfish attitude, on the contrary the selfish person is never in a good mood because he is always missing something. Good humor not only ensures peace to the soul but transmits it to others: I would say that the first act of charity is to be in a good mood because, even without realizing it, the life of others is illuminated.

I already knew it, it is not a recent discovery, but now it is particularly clear to me that my first commitment is to be happy because in any case I like God's will, then the rest comes ...

It may seem disrespectful but it seems important to me to say that God's will: "I like it". I hope the Lord will support me in this attitude.

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