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Without hope and without logic

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Our Minister of Health Roberto Speranza did not take any precautionary measures during the pre-pandemic, which has been known at government level since last December, while now he takes precautionary measures that do not have much logic. The EU has opened to 14 non-EU countries (not to the USA and Russia), but in Italy also travelers from the “green list” countries are still required to quarantine.

It must be specified that Italian citizens residing in countries still excluded (such as the USA) can return to Italy, albeit with the obligation of quarantine. Nobody now wants to be irresponsible (as the Italian government has shown to be during the pre-pandemic), but at this point there are ways of managing the post-pandemic that are logical, in compliance with safety and public health, without further damaging sectors such as tourism, already deeply in crisis. Given the repeated lack of leadership of the government, the individual regions should adopt more updated and effective measures (remember when Puglia refused to reopen regional borders despite government directives).

In the case of EU citizens from non-EU states, for example, fiduciary isolation could be reduced with the possibility of making a swab (which is negative) immediately after arrival, as is possible in Austria and soon in England ; then keeping firm the obligation to monitor the fever under the control of the ASL, and wear a mask for 14 days.With these precautionary measures, quarantine would not be necessary, unless you test positive for the swab or develop a fever. A further demonstration of the absence of sanitary logic in these directives is that Chinese citizens would be allowed to arrive in the EU not because they are healthy (the data released by China have never been transparent since the beginning of the pandemic), but because would allow reciprocity.

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