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Worse than that ...

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Those who have imagined, even for a single moment, to be able to rebuild the country and to borrow money (or, with less likelihood, non-repayable) from abroad with the current government, recollected, unpopular and incompetent, wrong in a radical and total way. 

Its President is daily the target of fierce criticism that not even a “subservient” press and radio and television stations, more than friends, are able to mitigate. 
The humorous videos and jokes that circulate on social media in an ever more repeated and ever more numerous and growing way have made him lose credibility even among the bourgeois who are more fond of refined speech but devoid of the construct of many politicians of disarming superficiality.

The self-styled "head of the government" (the diction is Mussolini and equals the request for "full powers" of Nazi memory, pulled out of the forgotten junk by the "Celtic" leader of the League) repeatedly makes himself responsible for gross errors, of announcements never followed by the facts, of "pauperistic" promises from the welfare state (subsidies, incomes of various and imaginative denominations, 100 quotas and so on).

We really need absolute naivety (unacceptable at certain political levels due to its suicidal implications; it is the "classic" cry: Die Samson with all the Philistines!) Or a cynical and cruel bad faith towards citizens (taken into no account), not to notice the unsustainability of the situation.

Worse than these two alternatives, there is only disdain, if not contempt, for a population deemed totally cowardly and unable to get out of the "flock path" which is indicated to her by clumsy shepherds.
Enumerating the amenities that the current government was able to show off (even proudly), in the painful juncture of the Covid19 pandemic, would be a mistake, also because the complaint would, in any case, be unproductive, given the situation of absolute stalemate.  

Yet it is worthwhile to enumerate the most striking ones.
1) It began with winks at China (a man of government among the few historical notions he possessed had "found" the memory of the "Silk Road" and had considered it the "flower" of put in the buttonhole of his jacket) and we continued with hugs to the Chinese, with propaganda for their restaurants.

2) For the purposes of internal political struggle, we have passed to the "give to the greaser" against the Regions or cities not administered by the "yellow-reds".

3) Parliament was considered completely useless and superfluous, even though it declared it as pompously as it was falsely the "center" of the country's democratic life. 

4) incomprehensible, illegible, inapplicable measures and prescriptions have been included in administrative measures (written, as they say, "with the feet".

5) Countless amenities have appeared (the prohibition against traveling from Rome to Fregene to carry out who knows what crimes against public health in the "second home" would be worthy of a stupidity award). 

6) Counterproductive measures were taken (the "calmiere" for the masks and the authoritatively set price in fifty cents, as well as bringing to mind the times of the "stinker" Regime had the effect of making the goods disappear, even if produced in generous quantities).

7) Some measures have proved "aberrant" (the liberation of the Mafia bosses followed by the Guareschi cry "Counterorder, comrades, we were wrong!" And the failure to appoint a magistrate as Head of Prisons to favor another less "unwelcome" to the inmates of various and differentiated "power".

8) There was a complete ridicule with the appointment of an army of experts of various specializations, of alleged task-forces, of control rooms and with the overlapping of skills of anonymous bureaucrats who threatened thunder and lightning on their behalf, without not even consult with the political authority).

9) The rulers have shown that they are totally unable to grasp the true essence of the Italian problem which was not that of planning the distribution of an income that would no longer exist but that of creating the conditions for the production process to resume.

10) To conclude the decalogue, without this meaning ending the election, an incapable and inadequate government has earned reproaches and reproaches from foreign Authorities on the field (We do not give you money for your demagogic "alms"; subsidies, bonuses, income of imaginative and varied denomination and so on and for the likely "crests" that will be made on them, given your endemic corruption!).

Concluding question: With the lack of any credibility (outside the praise of "regime" propaganda, endorsed with gritted teeth and despite everything also by the European Union) and with the personal disdain that many of the current rulers have earned, on the international level , even with phrases of disconcerting recklessness (think of the recent one with which we wanted to underline the compatibility of relations with the United States of America with those with China, under attack by Trump), there are really those who believe that the Can Italy start its "reconstruction"?

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