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Good people Yellow-green government: we are downcast

Yellow-green government: we are downcast

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Some, hopefully few, of those who read these notes may be led to believe that they are the result of only states of mind, of preconceptions, of the will to denigrate some to exalt others: it is not so.

The Stop and Go maneuver: the world's first case of "dynamic" spending law

The presentation of the facts, known and less known, whatever the evaluation that they want to give, is always the result of analysis, of information not always freely circulating, of comparisons between subjects whose political opinions do not always coincide. This is the case of what was stated in the note "The yellow-green government leads the Pendolino, while Minister Toninelli investigates the width of the TAV holes"Published on November 2 on Moondo, in which the news of a Stop and Go financial maneuver was anticipated, that is, made of periodic checks to ascertain the compatibility of public spending with the growth rate, blocking it when it proves unsustainable.

Stop and Go, the novelty of the budget maneuver of the yellow-green government
Stop and Go, the novelty of the budget maneuver of the yellow-green government. Photo credit: pixabay, by DasWortgewand

How this can be accomplished when a law already orders spending is more difficult than you think: it is in fact necessary to approve a new law that modifies the previous one, a fate that will affect what can be expected to a greater or lesser extent to many measures that are the yellow-green flag of the government, starting with that citizenship income of which we are ashamed to the point such as regards the inspectors of the International Monetary Fund as to require a reference to "weak social outcomes" to allow the publication of their report (obviously negative).

The 2019 economic maneuver, by unanimous judgment of all international bodies, is profoundly wrong justified only by wanting to unleash a wall-to-wall struggle with the European Union and then point it out as responsible for all the troubles of Italians.

The yellow-green to govern need resentment, rancor, protest, to always indicate new enemies that only they are able to fight: it is the chronicle of an announced disaster. It is no longer a question of building a political-programmatic alternative for a different government but of preparing to manage the ruins of a shattered economic system.

Meanwhile, Berlusconi gives the numbers for the Lotto game and in the PD a parade is underway for the choice of Miss Congress. The Italians have many flaws, but perhaps they didn't deserve much.

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