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Idea-Action Zingaretti won: Commissioner Montalbano thanks

Zingaretti won: Commissioner Montalbano thanks

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Nicola Zingaretti, President of the Lazio Region, won the "Primaries" and will be the new Secretary of the Democratic Party with 60% of the votes against 20% each of the other two competitors: Giacchetti, supported by Renzi, and Martina, former vice secretary of the Party.

Luca and Nicola Zingaretti
Luca and Nicola Zingaretti

The percentage obtained by the new secretary is higher than that expected and estimated around 48/50% of the voters: this means that the vote of opinion, of people who do not recognize themselves in the Democratic Party as in any party or organized movement, had a decisive role in the election of the new Secretary.

It is probable that the election of Zingaretti, former secretary of the Roman Federation of the Communist Party, is essentially linked to a position taken in his favor by the old party structure, concerned that no candidate for the secretariat would exceed the 50% threshold. votes: this would have meant his election by the national assembly and a very weak secretariat, closed in the current game, just when the PD must make a great effort to guarantee in the future the role of hegemonic party of the left.

However, there are many who believe that a decisive contribution in the election of Zingaretti was given by Commissioner Montalbano, the character played by his brother Luca Zingaretti, an excellent actor who was once a militant on the left of the PCI: vote by attraction, by sympathy towards a character transversely known, beyond any political reasoning.

The result, however, was there: it remains to be seen what political choices the new Secretary will make. His ability and political experience will certainly advise him to ensure the necessary internal cohesion for his Party, avoiding breezy divisions, and at the same time the incorporation into an electoral coalition that would take place at the expense of his identity.

Will he be the Secretary of the opening of the dialogue with what will remain of the 5 Star Movement shortly? Nobody in the current state of things can say for sure: Zingaretti will certainly be the Secretary of the Democratic Party at the time (not far) of the next political elections. That will be his real test: everyone is waiting to see if and how he will pass it.

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