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ART&TUR International Film Festival

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ART&TUR International Film Festival (member of CIFT), took place between the 26th and 29th of October in the city of Aveiro and presented us with a series of presentations by national and international key note speakers, round tables, viewing of some of the award-winning films, cultural events and the grand awards gala, with the presence of the national entities of the Centro de Portugal Film Commission in the President Adriana Rodrigues; Tourism Center of Portugal in the President of Dr. Pedro Machado and the Secretary of State for Tourism, Dra. Rita Marques.

During four long days, it was possible to watch in Aveiro a parade of presentations on the theme of tourism audiovisual and its importance for the industry. We were in the position of spectators and speakers, with the sessions being well attended by the city’s student community and many of the participants.

Travel bloggers were once again present at this event. They increasingly dedicate their work to provide the world of social media, that we consider a stage as content mediators, and they passionately represent a great position as touristic digital influencers.

The great theme of sustainability was one of the reflections that crossed all the films at the festival, however, not forgetting the enthusiastic presentation of Aldo di Russo and Nancy Duxbury, on the great theme of the relevance to today of knowledge in audio visual contents. To know or not to know, there is the question!!!

It was also important to attend the presentation of the IGCAT films, in which gastronomy, increasingly represented as a common heritage, was awarded a series of films that illustrate the work of communities and chefs at an international level.

The interest throughout the days of the participants in Portuguese culture was notorious, which culminated in two cultural events, the visit to the Museum of Santa Joana, a Baroque splendor that left the participating community very impressed with the richness of this Heritage, as well in the center of the city of Aveiro.

It was equally enriching to be able to participate in a cooking workshop where the centenary art of “soft eggs” was learned, a convent sweet made from wafers and sweet eggs with sugar. It was impossible to miss the trip on the Moliceiro boat, one of the most picturesque tourist attractions in the city of Aveiro, on a tour of all the canals of the historic center.
ART&TUR promises to return in 2022 in Ourém and repeat the jury's careful choice, so that the evaluation can increasingly be a factor of excellence, whether in the panel of speakers who presented us with a very enriching week or in the selection of evaluation criteria of the juri that very rigorously chose the winning films.
Moviegoers and Travelers!!! This is a remarkable Festival that has made an exciting path and will certainly reveal many new things to us next year in Ourém, Portugal, for another great event dedicated to Tourism Cinema. Thanks and see you soon.

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