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Creativity and art in tourism – Creating new solutions

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We are all part of the same mass, the same absorption capacity depending of course on the emotional driving force of each one, which is the filter that helps the reinterpretation of the world. Nobody invents anything anymore. Is there anything really new these days? Everything is appropriation, recycling, collage, reinvention of a world where there is nothing surprising, but where, however, the problems of the past, those of the present and those of the future, do not have an effective operative solution. We are an inefficient world that constantly fails to examine training for equity, solidarity, sustainability and where problems are being added to the sub-problems. We are an accumulation of problems, one on top of the other and if being creative is to find solutions above all, and to be the architect of the world, in a search that understands the filter of art as a gift of merit, to make the ordinary, the unusual and to surprise with a new proposal is to discover the freshness of a society already tired of the same proposals that social competitiveness can no longer answer.

The concept in contemporary art, the true engine of the reinvention of today’s art, which is proposed with new colors, intonations, packaging, reinvented presentations, appears as a form of justification of the creative process, framing the object of the proposal in a philosophical narrative that almost everything justifies.

We introduce tourism and experience in this equation.

So! Thus, to think of the process of creation within the framework of the experience of tourism, as a social experience in this philosophical narrative, whether at the level of creation or at the level of production, this journey is something that takes us out of the normality of everyday life and immerses us in a process of global reasoning of thinking aesthetics, purpose or process as the great justification of the work, which can make us travel through opposite experiential extremes. It is art then that builds critical and subjective thinking and promotes the inclusion of diversity through collaboration and sharing.

Malcom Milers said in Innovations in Art and Design, New Practices new pedagogies “The greatest social impacts of participation in the arts…arise from their ability to help people think critically, about and question their experiences and those of others, not in a discussion group but with all the excitement danger, magic, color, symbolism, feeling, metaphor and creativity that the arts, offer. It is in the act of creativity that empowerment lies, and through sharing creativity that understanding and social inclusiveness are promoted”.

turismo globale
Turismo. Photo credit: Deanna Ritchie by unpslash.com

Thus, creative tourism becomes a tool for social inclusion, knowing that if there is immersion in local culture, we are absorbing specific local solutions to global problems of humanity, interpreting diverse responses to similar problems. Finding different aesthetic and functional solutions, that is, different solutions to the same problem, is part of an effective personal enrichment to think about the future and its challenges. Creative tourism thus becomes a tool that promotes democratic and diverse reasoning, the construction of critical thinking and the true emotional tool that allows us to understand and accept the diversity of genders, races, beliefs, mental, social and global conditioning of human beings in a real perspective of social inclusion and essentially in decentralized territories of large urban centers.

The question of the location of culture or the approximation of the communities of the metropolises, of the great critical and disruptive authors, is understood in creative tourism as an opportunity, to think about the consequences and side effects of the cultural initiatives of the great urban centers, which in territories of low density are understood in a much more dissuaded way and with another time of perception.

I would say that the time of low-density territories, perhaps, allows us to understand and process the global diversity, conveyed through artistic manifestations in a more paused and structuring way.

Thus the process of creative tourism is a tool that can be used in critical artistic thinking, which allows us to compare, analyze, structure ideas and have a global strategic vision. The diverse artistic experiences and ancestral techniques learned in the hypotheses of creative tourism, influence us and create unforgettable memories for our daily lives, thus leaving the great memory conveyed, through the objects created, which refer us to the experiences lived in this tranquility.

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