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News preview "Greta is your God"

"Greta is your God"

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I just hate hate for Greta Thunberg, a hate that we feed without realizing it, the last episode of the puppet with his features hanged at the bridge of Via Isacco Newton in Rome, with a sign that says "Greta is your God". On the one hand we bland the young people, "Gretini" and not with the vote at 16 and on the other accusing a girl with braids of being a black soul. I find myself increasingly "gretina" and happy to be because Thunberg has turned the spotlight on the real problem of this century and is certainly not a God.

On social media the reactions are discordant, local institutions and politicians have regretted the use of the press for what happened, but are they really and understand their meaning? You can hear the Mayor Raggi declare that "... Our commitment to the climate does not stop." We are submerged by garbage, by pollution, devastated by thunderstorms, an open-air zoo, in short, words have a meaning and a weight you have to be careful, even in the sentences of the circumstance. And then here is the brother of the most famous Roman, Franco Prodi, physicist and climatologist to announce in the press that "Greta is a blunder" and adds "on climate change there is a conformism without scientific basis. Other than student demonstrations: Fioramonti had to close young people to school to learn geophysics ".

Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg

The claim of the disturbing and tacky gesture on which the State Police is investigating has been claimed on Facebook and on Twitter by 'Gli Svegli' : ”We hanged Greta Thunberg in Rome. The mannequin has its face and even its braids. Other actions will follow. " "The puppet of Greta hanging from an overpass is the confirmation of the fact that who identifies Greta as 'our God' they are inconsistent and violent people, ready only to attack in vain, without stopping on comparison and contents. We have no cult of this girl, Greta simply gives the floor to the scientists and cites the data of irrefutable scientific studies, the same ignored by politics ". So on a note the young people of 'Fridays for future Roma' adding that “we in this battle put our face, while these people hide behind threats and aggression. After this gesture we are even stronger than yesterday, even closer to Greta and to all the girls and boys who take to the streets to defend our future ".

A truly unjustified gesture happened in an increasingly poisoned and violent Italy, an Italy that needs to curb the climatic emergency but also the drift of hatred!

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